5 Best Restaurants in Vancouver

January 25, 2019
restaurants vancouver

Vancouver restaurants attract a lot of foodies all over Canada and the US. It’s not a surprise because here you can find top-notch restaurants that can win the hearts even of the most demanding food-lovers. As you know, Vancouver is situated near the Pacific Ocean. That’s why seafood here is a must eat!

Moreover, you can find here all sorts of different cuisines: starting from Chinese cuisine to Ethiopian restaurants. In such a big variety of cafes and restaurants, you may get confused. Don’t worry! We’ve already taken care of this. Here are 5 the best restaurants in Vancouver you must visit!

CinCin Ristorante – delicious Italian  grills


As you may guess from the name it’s the Italian restaurant. Located at the West End, this place is famous for its wood-fired grills and one of the best Italian dishes in Vancouver. Beautiful and authentic Italian atmosphere will make dinner a truly unforgettable experience.

This restaurant is also known for its award-winning collections of unique wines, which displayed in the dining room itself.

This is why it’s a perfect choice for a nice dinner for couples or cozy family evening!

Raincity Grill – authentic Vancouver restaurant

restaurants vancouver

If you want to try the local Canadian cuisine, you definitely need to visit this adorable restaurant. It’s also located in beautiful West End neighborhood. An interesting thing, all ingredients are from local farms and gardens. You can even ask a waiter from which farm exactly this pork came from.

This restaurant is one of the best in Vancouver. Recently, Raincity Grills won a lot of awards for both food and service. All of this makes this restaurant a must-try.

If you want to experience a real Canadian atmosphere and cuisine, you have to go to this place!

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Cioppino’s – tasty Meditteranean cuisine


Another Italian restaurant in Vancouver. This place won an award “Best Formal Italian Restaurant” in Vancouver. Cioppino’s attracts a lot of people because of its innovative South-Mediterranean cuisine.

The focus is on the freshest ingredients and authentic Italian herbs. Moreover, you can enjoy an open-show kitchen with a unique and fun atmosphere. There are a cozy dining space as well as rooms for corporate events.

As you see, it’s not a surprise that “Cioppino’s” is among the best restaurants in Vancouver.

Bluewater Cafe – elegant seafood restaurant

Situated in a fashionable Yaletown district this restaurant is famous in Vancouver because of its seafood. Almost forgot to mention, this place won “Restaurant of the Year” according to the Vancouver magazine.

Bluewater Cafe is considered as a destination for seafood in Vancouver. A lot of Hollywood stars visited this beautiful restaurant such as Tom Cruise, Seth Rogen, and many others. Believe me, seafood in Vancouver is something you have to taste.

Chef Frank Pabst uses only freshest wild fish creates delicious dishes. Additionally, Bluewater Cafe offers the finest wine collection.

If you love seafood, you’ll definitely need to visit this place in Vancouver.

Heritage Asian Eatery – for fans of Asian cuisine

Chef Felix Zhou runs this restaurant. Bu the way, Felix Zhou is a star of Top Chef Canada. Here you can taste traditional Asian cuisines such as pork belly bao, duck with the rice and many other. Combine all this with a nice atmosphere and service and you’ll get a top-notch place for dinner. This restaurant is close to fashionable Canada Place.

Heritage Asian Eatery is definitely one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, come and visit this adorable place!

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