Yoga: 5 Best Apps

January 19, 2019

Yoga in today’s fast-pacing world is becoming of the essential element of successful people. That’s why more and more people starting practicing it. Benefits of this are obvious: improving energy and respiration, increase flexibility. Most importantly it drastically reduces stress level.

Yoga reduces stress

Yoga has lots of benefits

In this article, we will tell you about 6 Best Mobile Apps for practicing yoga.

1. Yoga Studio

This application provides a large variety of different training presets. For example, there are sets for beginners, intermediate users, and professionals. Additionally, there are sessions aimed for different purposes: flexibility, strengths, stress reduction etc.  Moreover, you can even create your own sessions!

This app is best for people who have a basic knowledge of yoga. However, there are lots of videos for beginners. So, you can learn a lot regardless of your current level.

2. FitStar Yoga

An innovative app that can build tailored workouts based on your feedback! There are also built-in workouts. So you can start practicing as soon as you download the app.

You can use a free version of this app but you’ll quickly notice that you missed out a lot of useful features. By the way, FitStar Yoga is fully integrated with social media. You can share your achievements with your friends and siblings. Moreover, this app is working on Apple Watches and FitBit. So you can practice even without your cellphone.

3. Simply Yoga

From the name of this app you may guess that interface is minimalistic here. This is a free application with inside app purchase. There are sessions for different levels: starting from beginner to master.

The workouts are displayed in the video with voiceover narration. For the free version, only beginner workouts are available from 20 to 60 minutes.

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Calmness and consciousness

4. Daily Yoga

This application has a slightly different approach. It contains sets of different multi-weeks sessions aimed at various results. For example, Strengthen, Calmness, Flexibility workout weeks. Each of these sessions runs from one to five weeks with 20-30 minutes of workouts every day. You can also download independent sessions.

The workouts contain videos with a minimum of instructions. So, it assumes that you already know the basic stuff.

There are also pop-up ads in the free version. You can disable it by switching to a paid account and also get additional programs.

5. Pocket Yoga

This app is based on Gaia Flow Yoga. It uses slightly different terminology as well. For example, Power here is Mountain, Flexibility is a Desert and so on. You can choose between 30, 45 and 60 minutes workouts inside the app.

There are animated illustrations and VoiceOver narration. Good news for beginners, this app has a pose library including many preparatory ones.

This app also available on Apple Watches.

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