My City Christmas Markets & More

December 18, 2018
My City at Christmas and New Years

Moving to the Big city

As Founder of Influence Digest blog, I am often asked how to discover life in a new city from Christmas Markets to secret shows and more. I thought that I would share my experiences to help others.

After spending 5 years in Kingston, I was well acclimatized to the small city vibe. Coming back to Toronto felt like being thrown into a concrete jungle. Everything was operating at such a fast pace that I felt like I couldn’t keep up.

A friend of mine suggested I use Chillwall to find things to do near me. Within 1 search, I was attending entrepreneurial meetups, dinners, and was making connections faster than I ever thought was possible. Today I can confidently say that my network is strong, and my business has received immense support from the community.

If you are new to a big city, I suggest you do whatever you can to get yourself out there and make a name for yourself. Get to know people who think like you, engage with brighter minds, and have fun the process.
There are so many events, people, and offers readily available to you if you just ask. The world can be a giving place if you want it to be.

Christmas Markets

Discover new experiences in your city at Christmas

Walk Around

Every Friday after work, I would go for a walk and see where it took me.
The beauty of a big city is the ability to just walk around and explore. Every season has its own unique, parades, markets, and events, it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

Christmas Markets

Travel helps to find love

Whether you are going alone, with a friend or as a couple, there is always something for you in a big city, you just have to be open to it. Live your life and be open to new possibilities. If you’re in Toronto, be sure to check out the Christmas Market. If you’re in New York, Times Square never disappoints.

Don’t Get Sucked In

While the big city can be very alluring and captivating it can also be very deceptive and damaging. Have you ever the saying “too much of anything is bad for you”? Well, the city is no exception. The festivities are fun but too much of them can bring you into a dark place.

I recently fell into this trap. After I settled in and felt a bit more comfortable with the environment, I began putting off my responsibilities for socialization. It started with small things like attending a play and then transitioned into grabbing a couple of drinks with some friends to spending the majority of my time away from what really mattered to me.
It’s incredibly important to have fun and enjoy the city but it is crucial to keep your priorities in check. The big city can either a be a place of prosperity or an environment of destruction, the decision is completely yours.

Christmas Markets

Discover Christmas

What to do during Christmas Season
So now that it’s Christmas seasons, it’s time to engage in the festivities! The beauty of Christmas time is that here is so much to do. This is a great time to break the winter blues and find new experiences.

Here are a few things that you’ll be able to find in your city:

Christmas Market:
Almost every big city is going to have their version of a Christmas Market. The market is a great place to take your significant other to walk around and be mesmerized by all of the outdoor displays. Whether it’s light shows or stand up comedy, there is always something to be joyful about at the Christmas market.

Themed Restaurants:
If you are not feeling like the Christmas market and want to stay indoors, restaurants turn to into Christmas paradise. Whether it’s themed food or themed atmosphere, the restaurant vibe in the big city is not something that you want to miss.

Outdoor Concerts:
This may the best part about the holiday season. You could be walking down the street and have a pop-up concert to your right side. Whether it’s Drake or Nickelback performing, you will be glad you came to enjoy.

Christmas Parade:
There is nothing more fun than the Christmas parade. It is an opportunity for you and your family to spend the day outdoors among other locals to enjoy the Christmas cheer. It’s also an opportunity to interact with local brands, food, and people.

Discover more of the best things to do near you this week .

About the author 
Saarim is the founder and CEO of Influence Digest . They are an online self-improvement platform that uses expert knowledge through engaging series. Their last series, Canada’s Top 20 Productivity hackers featured extraordinary individuals who have been able to optimize their life to the point of highest productivity and have opened up about their habits to share with you. Stay tuned for the next series.

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