Van Life Inspiration on Instagram

June 25, 2018
Van Life Inspiration on Instagram

Instagram has turned modern nomads and wanderlust chasers into a community of like minded individuals living the #vanlife. The platform has allowed individuals to connect in ways like never before, generating a hub for inspiration and support amongst those living less traditionally. For those of us who dream of some day living the van life, instagram is a great window into a word of possibilities. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your feed, we’ve got 7 van life Instagram accounts you need to be following.


Bertrand Lanneau has taken his online van life to the next level. The photographer has turned his adventures into a published annual magazine. Along side his partner Eliza, Lanneau travelled through 24 European countries over 185 days. The adventure resulted in some of the most stunning travel photos we have ever seen. Lanneau’s account will surely fuel your wanderlust.


Bryan and Jen (The Dangerz) left their “regular” lives behind in favour of living more simply. Their van life began with converting their camper van into a mobile home and drive through Mexico and Central America in search of happiness and freedom. Their Instagram account keeps followers up to date on their travels and renovations.


Sarah and Bryan, along with their dog Pepita, are another couple doing the van life right. The couple set off on a year long adventure across North America in a used van named Copa, documenting their adventures with scenic pictures and a blog along the way. Their latest blog post marvels over the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, and their photos have us wishing we could pack up and start driving to the West coast ASAP. Explore provincial parks and more Events in Vancouver here!


@vanlifediaries is a collective of digital nomads who have come together to work as a hub for the van life community. Their account features the adventures of countless van lifers across the planet. What initially began as a concept and a small van conversion operation, Van Life Diaries has become a collective for like minded individuals and brands that has helped turn the lifestyle into the movement it is now.


European van lifers Viktoria and Michael travel across the continent in their mobile home, Blue Moon. Notoriously stubborn, the van seemingly has its own ideas for their adventures. The couple makes the best of every situation and captures goal-worthy shots along the way.


This account is the largest online van life community, making it a must follow. Their feed is full of inspiration and hacks for nomads. They also have an online forum for followers, allowing people to connect around any topic. Project Van Life is your best source if you’re looking to start planning your own adventure. Why not take a page from their book and start your trip in Laguna Beach, California? Check here for more Events in Los Angeles!

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By Chelsea Cottrell

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