Top 5 UK Outdoor Adventures

June 1, 2018
UK outdoor adventures

Are you looking for crazy things and discover some UK outdoor adventures this summer? are you looking for activities that are good for you and your family or friends? Don’t worry we choose the top 5 UK outdoor adventures, keep reading to choose and discover the best for you.

Kite-buggying, East Sussex

Kite-Buggying is one of the top UK  outdoor adventures especially at the East Sussex beach, It’s not far from London just 2 hours drive. it’s a combination of kite-flying and go-karting, so it’s a good way to spend a day at the beach with your family or friends. If you don’t know how to ride it, don’t worry The Kitesurf Centre runs lessons with qualified instructors. They teaching you everything from how to fly the kite to use it to power you along in the buggy. discover more outdoor events near London for this summer.

Surfing, North Yorkshire

UK outdoor adventures

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Riding the waves is one of the lovely UK outdoor adventures. Go to North Yorkshire and enjoy surfing the waves with your family or friends. Also, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the weather too in addition to swimming and playing beach games. surfing makes you feel connected to nature, it makes you relax and exciting at the same time. if it’s your first try go to Saltburn Surf School they will teach you how to ride the waves.

Via Ferrata, Cumbria

Via Ferrata is one of the top adrenaline UK outdoor adventures. if you have a phobia from high places trust me don’t do it because you will be clipped to a mountain by cable, 2,000 feet above the valleys of Buttermere and Borrowdale. you can choose from classic level to extreme one, which each last around three hours and require a reasonable level of fitness, and a head for heights. Whichever option you pick this going to be an adrenaline day you will never forget. if you like this kind of adventure don’t be afraid go with your friends and try it.


Rock climbing, Snowdonia

Could you master your fears? If yes go to Snowdonia park and try one of the most fabulous UK outdoor adventures, rock climbing.  if you are new to the sport, Gaia Adventure will take care of everything you need at Snowdonia National Park North Wales and close to Liverpool city. Don’t be afraid you are not alone you will be guided by an experienced trainer. this sport will outdoor activity will challenge your body and brain, so be ready for it. after taking the course, feel confident to climb without supervision at an indoor climbing wall. Check more adventure events near Liverpool city.

Paragliding, Surrey

For who like to fly in the sky paragliding one of the greatest UK outdoor adventures. For me, I want to try it someday. It’s really amazing to watch Surry city from 500ft above the city. you don’t need any skills or experience if you book a tandem flight with an outfit. Paragliding is suitable if you are with your family and you have children, it’s fit for all ages, but Under 18s need parental consent. Before you go up to the sky try to control your nerves this is all you need to do and try to relax, be silent and enjoy the landscape of the North Downs unfold beneath your feet.

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By Tarek Alkhiami

Tarek Alkhiami writes for Chillwall on fun events near me around the world



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