Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow

June 18, 2018
Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next piece, or you just appreciate the art of tattooing – we’ve rounded up 7 artists you need to be following on instagram. These tattoo artists from around the world offer unique


Possibly one of the best known tattoo artists on Instagram, Doctor Woo’s work is nothing short of brilliant. He’s well known for his geometric artwork and fine line detailing. The location of his private shop, HIDEAWAY at Studio X, is kept a secret until your appointment has been booked. However, one of the many rumours circulating suggests that the shop relocates around Los Angeles from time to time. If you’re lucky enough to book an appointment with Dr. Woo, be sure to check out more Events in Los Angeles!


Kim Saigh, another LA based tattoo artist, might be a familiar name to fans of LA Ink. Now working out of Memoir Tattoo, Kim is well known for her colourful Neo-traditional pieces. Her depictions of animals are illustrative and whimsical while still being detailed and intricate.


Michelle Santana is a Colombian tattoo artist based out of Sacred Tattoo in New York City. Santana is a self taught tattooer inspired by her passion for art and admiration for other tattoo artists. Her work has a strong Chicana influence, nodding to the support she has received from her community.


Rosa Bluestone Perr is another NYC tattoo artist, working out of Brooklyn. All of Perr’s work is hand-poked and one of a kind. Heavily influenced by feminism and her love of art, Rosa’s tattoos take on a minimalist approach.


Zihee is an incredibly talented tattoo artist from Seoul, Korea. The artist’s work looks more like a painting than a tattoo, demonstrating Zihee’s incredible skill. The tattoos are often colourful and always imaginative, resulting in stunningly unique pieces. Though the artist is often booked well in advance, their work is well worth the trip.


Tea is another Brooklyn based hand-poke tattoo artist that can’t be missed. The artist’s work is co-owner of Welcome Home, a shop focused on inclusivity and safety. The shop is home to all-women identifying hand poke tattoo artists, making it one of a kind. Tea’s work is driven by the concept that tattooing is a form of self-care and a source of confidence. Many of their clients are those who have suffered from trauma, and Tea works to make them feel good about themselves. If you’re looking to book an appointment with Tea, be sure to check out more Events in New York City!


LA based tattoo artist Corey Divine is a master of mandalas and geometric designs. Divine is mostly know for his blackwork and large pieces. His work is almost exclusively mandalas and large scale scared geometry pieces, intertwining spirituality and art. His feed includes tattoos and more traditional mediums, proving Divine’s enormous talent.

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