5 Street Artists On Instagram You Need To Follow

April 23, 2018
street artists

A lot of famous street artists around the world and each artist has their unique way of art. Each artist wants to deliver their ideas in different ways. street art isn’t that easy to do. In fact, it’s extremely difficult, and that’s precisely why these street artists deserve so much respect. Keep reading to discover 5 street artists you need to follow on Instagram.


Nicole Salgar is one of the greatest street artists was born in Miami, curator and muralist. Her work is epic is an understatement: One of her more recent murals, titled The People Of The First Light, is 26 feet high and 68 feet wide and took 100 hours over 10 days to create. Also, she is focusing on women in her paint and art.  In the future, she hopes to travel to the Middle East and Asia, ride in a hot air balloon, skydive and eventually, live abroad. Discover street artist events in Miami.


Fintan Magee one of the best street artists from Australia known for designing grand murals that encompass entire buildings. After earning a fine arts degree, he moved to Sydney and began painting scenes that highlight broad issues like climate change and the migrant crisis. One such painting in Italy depicts a man with his head encapsulated in a glass of water, a tribute to rising sea levels. He gets around, too, with projects featured in London, Vienna, Los Angeles, Moscow and Oslo.


street artists

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Franco Fasoli, also known as Jaz, is one of the top Argentinian street artists based in Buenos Aires. He use people, animals and masks in his paintings as metaphors to reflect back on society and over the years, his work has evolved to include experimental methods involving materials like latex, gasoline and tar. Aside from his native Argentina, his murals have also managed to make their way to Miami, Puerto Rico and Ukraine.


Miles MacGregor or El Mac is one of the fabulous street artists in Los Angeles who began painting graffiti in the ’90s. Nowadays, his art is primarily comprised of life-like renderings of human faces and figures and in his own words, he says his gorgeous large-scale art “blurs the lines between fine art and graffiti.” Some of El Mac’s works are considered local landmarks and have been featured across the world in over 19 countries, including the US, Denmark, Germany, the UK, South Korea and Cuba. Check art events in London this weekend.


Cara To is one of the unique Belgium street artists, graffiti, illustrator and muralist currently based in Hong Kong. With a background in biochemistry and game design, she first worked as a 3-D artist and later as a creative for an advertising agency. After moving to Hong Kong, she used murals as an escape from not knowing anyone in the city. Since then, she’s worked with clients like the Four Seasons, Nike and Absolut Vodka and her art have been exhibited in countries around the world including Italy, the US and Singapore.

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