The 6 Best Spotify Workout Playlists To Get Motivated 

April 11, 2018
The 6 Best Spotify Workout Playlists To Get Motivated 

Nothing says unmotivated like listening to music that doesn’t make you feel like getting in a good workout. Music really is the fundamental power weapon to getting yourself to the gym and getting yourself ready to burn some calories. Get motivated by listening to the right Spotify Workout Playlist – these 6 playlists will be on repeat and you will not want to listen to anything else after listening to them! Each has a different vibe – so if you get bored easily we’ve got you covered with playlists that will make a difference when you hit the gym!

Beast Mode

Get motivated by listening to Beast Mode. If you want to have a really intense and motivating workout – all you have to do is get Beast Mode playing. This playlist has everything from Rap, EDM, and just every song that will get you super pumped up with there badass beats.

Motivation Mix

Nothing says get motivated than throwing on a playlist that has the word “motivation” in it. This playlist is energetic and uplifting with the best remixing of your fave songs and you will never want to put it down. Whether you’re pumping iron or running on the treadmill – you will be having the best work out ever by the end – trust me. Find fun fitness related activities to do and Events in Montreal here!

Throwback Workout

Okay – who wouldn’t want to workout to a throwback playlist? I mean this is the ultimate playlist to get motivated. This playlist will make you feel nostalgic, and throw it back to the greatest hits of the 2000’s. You will know all of the songs and it might be hard to not want to break out in singing your fave Destiny’s Child.

Power Workout

With over 2 million plays – this is called the power workout for a reason and there is no way not to get motivated after listening to this playlist. If you’re looking for a little more intensity this playlist is for you. If you’re doing something really difficult and you need something to fire you up then throw on this playlist because you will definitely not regret it! Check out more fitness things to do and Events in Toronto here!

Fun Run 150-165 BPM

This playlist is not joking with its title “fun run.” Get motivated to run long distance through the park, boardwalk, or on the treadmill – these feel-good songs are going to make you super happy and ready to go the distance without getting discouraged.

Run Wild

This is definitely a playlist to get motivated because who doesn’t love listening to Riptide? I mean – I can have that song on repeat. This playlist is great for the person who is into indie, upbeat songs that will make you feel great while running and get you sweating!

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By: Daniela De Marco

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