10 Fashion Influencers To Keep You On Trend

April 10, 2018
10 Fashion Influencers To Keep You On Trend

Keep reading to check out the top 10 fashion influencers to keep you on trend for this summer! If you are someone who loves to post Instagram #OOTD then we’ve got you covered. Summer is on the way and we cannot wait to get rid of our jackets and be able to wear cute sundresses, cute sandals, and cut off Levi shorts – because who doesn’t love a good pair of vintage denim? These 10 fashion influencers will be your source of inspiration and you will not be disappointed!

Jourdan Sloane

Jourdan can kick it in any type of climate – she lives in NYC which is still in that weird transition weather and she still kills every outfit. She is the perfect inspiration for an outfit and she can rock any type of style. Jourdan is defs one of the top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram if you want the perfect outfit to copy!

Tess Christine

You may have heard of Tess Christine from Youtube – but she is also such an amazing fashion influencer on the ‘gram! She loves to put together outfits that everyone can achieve and they are all so simple yet super fashionable and on trend. She also lives in NYC but I can assure you – whenever she travels to warm places – she is always rocking the latest trends for summer! Check out cool places to show off your on-trend style and Events in New York here!

Coco Cuenco

Coco lives such a luxurious life on the ‘gram and looks killer in every photo! She is defs one of the top fashion influencers to follow because she is always somewhere warm and looking amazing while traveling constantly. She will be your fashion inspo for the pool and she also goes to the coolest places that you will probably want to visit!

Olivia Culpo

Olivia lives a very busy life but she always has a glam squad ready to make her look on-point which is why she is one of the top fashion influencers to follow. She is always trying out new trends and making the look amazing. She is definitely most girls top search because she is such an inspiration as a person, girl boss, and fashionista!

Shay Mitchell

Shay might have finished filming Pretty Little Liars but she is definitely not stopping killing the game on her Instagram. Leave it to Shay to get the most extravagant photos while traveling all over the world while rocking all the latest trends. Follow Shay for her amazing style, glam, and travel photos. She is for sure one of the top fashion influencers to follow because of her amazing outfits and not being afraid to take risks with her looks! Check out cool places to take your next photo and Events in Los Angeles here!

Racquel Natasha

Raquel is an influencer from Toronto but spends most of her time in LA – you would never know this Torontonian could pull off being an LA girl so well because it suits her! Her style is super laid back – going to grab brunch with the girls and you will love it! Her looks are girly but she adds a bit of edge or something different to mix in the look which is why she is a top fashion influencer to follow on Instagram!

Kaitlynn Carter


This babe is defs one of the top fashion influencers to follow – she is the definition of LA cool girl and her outfits all so dreamy and on trend. She really knows how to pull off that desert look and always look so put together and on trend with every outfit – even if its something as simple as a dress and vans!

Josefine H.J.

Josefine is from Europe but she regularly visits warm places all over the world – including LA. She knows how to pull off every trend and you will defs want to follow her for outfit inspiration this summer. Josefine really is a cool girl and it is portrayed through her amazing style. She knows to pull off everything from heels and a blazer to sneakers and a baggy sweater which is why she is one of the top fashion influencers to follow.

Kelsey White

Girly, cute, and classy are three words to describe Kelsey’s style. She is definitely one of the top fashion influencers to follow for her really simple yet on-trend style. She loves to rock neutral colours that are always a win in my books. Kelsey is the perfect person to follow for trends that you will be loving for date night, wine tours, or days in the park.

Vivian Hoorn

Vivian loves to rock flowy, comfy, and totally on-trend outfits that will make you want to copy all of her outfits instantly. This cool girl is one of the top fashion influencers to follow because she really does have the most on-trend summer outfits and she looks so amazing with each outfit shot she takes!

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By: Daniela De Marco

Daniela writes for Chillwall on fun events, fashion, lifestyle near me and around the world.

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