Top 6 USA Honeymoon Places

March 31, 2018
USA honeymoon places

Do you want to go to USA honeymoon places and you don’t know where to go? A lot of choices make you and your soul mate confused. Don’t worry we will give the best USA honeymoon places. Check our top 6 honeymoon places in USA.


USA honeymoon places

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For people who like Hawaii vacations, Maui is one of the best USA Honeymoon places. Small and quiet island offering impressive wildlife to intriguing history and culture. You can enjoy the professional hula dancers, golf along coastal fairways, snorkeling alongside hundreds of different types of sea animals or enjoy the weather in some of Hawaii’s most notable beaches. Maui it’s one of most popular tourism spots specially for honeymoon trips. A lot of amazing things to do there. First go to hana so you can see views of Maui’s beautiful coastline. Then take a helicopter tour, seeing Maui from the air is an incredible sight. Many beaches you to visit for swimming, do snorkeling tour, and enjoy the romantic weather with your wife.

Napa Valley For USA Honeymoon places

Napa Valley is north of San Francisco and one of the fabulous USA honeymoon places. It’s becoming a vacation hot spot. Napa Valley it’s famous in the taste of wine, they have great wine there and a lot of top class hotels. The hotels provide High quality service, spa pampering, golfing, luxury pools, and dining. Great hotels, wine, pool, Spa, and massage will make your honeymoon romantic and perfect. Also, you should take a tour in this beautiful place, a variety of things you must visit. If you want to know how they have great wine, you should go to winery like Frog’s Leap and Robert Mondavi Winery to discover the taste of it. Then get Napa Valley Wine Train to discover the city. Check more events in San Francisco for your honeymoon.


Charleston it’s considered one of the top tourism cities in USA also it one of the great USA honeymoon places. This city in North Carolina has 5 stars restaurants, interesting shops, resorts, and they have the world-class Spoleto Festival USA. Couples can take a walking tour around the city because you will feel like you are in a living museum. Walking is the only way to earn about its history and the significance of its best-known landmarks. Then, the best way to enjoy the morning is to go for a romantic boat tour to enjoy the view of the city from the sea and get a delicious breakfast or dinner. Then you can go to the Sullivan’s Island by the boat to spend a romantic day there.

New York City

For couples who like to discover romantic cities. New York is great city to discover and it’s one of the amazing romantic USA honeymoon places. This city is for people who like crowd because it’s one of the crowded city in USA. A lot of things to do in this big city and variety of great resorts to enjoy in. most of the resorts have pools, massage, and spa to spend romantic days with your love. Also,  you can visit the most famous park in the world the Central Park. The park has three parts part-park, part-museum, and part-concert hall swallows central Manhattan. Also, you can come to here exercise, dine, and go to the zoo. Second you can spend the night in the times square a lot of activities, parties, and concerts happening there. It’s worth it to visit the most famous square in the world. Discover more events in New York City.

Honolulu – Oahu

Do you want to escape from the crowd and you want more privacy with the one who you love? Go to Honolulu in Oahu one of the most romantic USA honeymoon places and in the world too. Swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling are fantastic activities to do it with your wife. You can do all these activities in different beaches in the city. Then don’t forget to go to Manoa Falls to enjoy the nature of the forest and the water falls and you can swim under the water falls, don’t be afraid it’s not a big fall like Niagara Falls. Finally go back to your beach resort and enjoy the lovely night in the beach, don’t forget to light up some candles for this romantic night.


USA honeymoon places

Top 6 USA honeymoon places


If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in the winter. Go to Aspen one of the best winter USA honeymoon places. Located in the mountains of Colorado. A lot of activities you can do such as hiking, skiing. Visit Silver Queen Gondola mountain in Aspen and spend one day there it’s beautiful. there are plenty of opportunities to hike, dine and even take in some live music. A sundeck and eatery greet visitors at the top of the mountain and makes for a great spot to relax, grab a drink or a bite and take photos of the surrounding landscape.

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