Top Romantic Getaways From Los Angeles!

August 3, 2017
Romantic Getaways

If you are looking for dates ideas other than sitting at a bar or on your couch we got ideas for you. Dating should be fun and adventures. Don’t get us wrong there is nothing wrong with eating or drinking, but how many times are you going to dance to the same song. Couples sometime run out of ideas to talk about or places to go. outdoor adventures give you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, and have fun. Most importantly you will start bonding with your significant other. Take them to one of these southern California romantic getaways. Whether you are happily married or still feeling the high from the first date, you can pick from best beaches to the mountain adventures in close distance near you. Or you can always take a romantic walk that ends with food and booze at any of this places. Here is a list of romantic getaways from Los Angeles.


This should be at top of your list, why? Because Hot Air Balloon, Carriage Rides, Horseback Riding, Wine Tasting. If you don’t want to get out there, you can stay in at one of the beautiful winery hotels. This place offers world class shopping, historic old town shops, and Spa with the most beautiful views.

Rancho Palos Verdes
This is the most romantic place, specially Terranea, is the most iconic relaxation resort situated on an Oceanside bluff. This place offers a golf course, spa, pools, and romantic restaurants. They offer accommodations from a suites to more luxurious bungalows, and villas

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara can offer the most Romantic Getaways; Spanish Architecture, World Class Restaurants, and the most beautiful Beaches. It can be very pricy, but if you are celebrating an important occasion, this one is a winner. There are so many wineries in the area, you can go for wine tasting and enjoy the most beautiful views.

Presidio Promenade
This trail offers scenic views, as well as number of activity options.   Start at the Lincoln Blvd Parking area and connect with the Promenade Trail, Trail ends at Lombard St. this trail is more of a leisure stroll is highly recommended for a romantic walk. Here is a list of more Romantic Walks

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