The 6 Best Canadian Influencers you Need to Follow

March 27, 2018
The 6 Best Canadian Influencers you Need to Follow

If there’s one thing for sure – its that Canadian’s have been killing the game lately! Although many people around the world associate Canada with snow and brutal winters – there are many noteworthy Canadian influencers that need to be recognized for their girl boss attitudes and killing it all year round – giving us fellow Canadian ladies and gentlemen inspiration of how to make the winter look cool, where to spend our Friday nights, where to eat, and shop. So – keep reading for our 6 Best Canadian Influencers you need to follow right now!

Dentelle Fleurs

Head over to Dentelle Fleurs Instagram page to get the most beautiful aesthetically pleasing feed while getting major outfit inspo! Dentelle is definitely one of the best Canadian influencers in the game right now. On her blog you can find everything – from fashion to beauty and photography – she really has an eye for everything vintage and knowing what trends are going to be all over Insta. She is definitely taking advantage of the vintage vibes that are trending all over – and she is killing it. If I could save and recreate all of her photos I would – every single photoshoot she creates is so dreamy and you will definitely want to follow her for your next vacation inspiration and street style looks.

Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria Lipovetsky as one can see – is just absolutely beautiful. A model, mommy, holistic nutritionist, and ultimate girl boss who advocates for women all over the world, Valeria is for sure one of the best Canadian influencers to follow. When you go to her Instagram page you can find everything from major outfit inspo, to her, her 2 adorable sons and husband, inspirational captions, and informative and motivating posts about health and wellness. Valeria also has a very large following on her Youtube Channel – with over 500k followers – she posts series like Chic on a Budget, Vlogs where she really opens up to her followers and inspires her viewers with her amazing personality.

Sasha Mei

Sasha Mei is the ultimate street style queen and is definitely one of the top Canadian influencers to follow. Between her looks in Montreal and Toronto – you can always count on looking at her page for major inspo. She is definitely a girl everyone can relate to. Not only is she outfit goals – she always knows the cutest cafes to go to and will make anyone want to visit Montreal and Toronto. Check out more cafes and Events in Montreal here!

Not Your Standard

Not Your Standard was created by Kayla Seah – and she is definitely a girl boss you will want to follow from Toronto. Kayla is noteworthy as one of the best Canadian influencers to follow for many reasons. One main reason is her dreamy and moody Instagram feed. Visit her page for the best photos that you wouldn’t even know are taken in Toronto. Kayla knows how to work the poses in every single coffee shop she steps foot into and she does it with style. As one of the lucky ladies that get to travel with the company Revolve – she gets to attend many special events around the world and travel all year. Not only that – she is lucky enough to attend events like Paris Fashion Week, and for any fashion lover that is a dream come true! Not everyone can go to Paris Fashion Week so, check out things to do in the fashion world and more Events in Toronto here!

Allegra Shaw

Allegra is that cool girl doesn’t care what anyone thinks person that everyone aims to be. It is because of her badass attitude that makes her one of the biggest girl bosses in Toronto and is definitely a reason why she is one of the best Canadian influencers in the game. Her style is killer and she loves to take looks to the next level by layering pieces and putting together colours that you wouldn’t think would work but SO do. She also owns her own clothing line called Uncle Studios that sells the coolest basics. On top of running her blog, Instagram, and clothing line she also has a Youtube Channel with over 500k followers. I really don’t know how she does it all! Her Youtube Channel is popular for the unique filming style of her lookbooks, and her general chill girl attitude that is showcased through her vlogs, she also has killer workout vids! If you want more girl bosses to follow then check out our blog post on 6 Fashion Bloggers Worth Following!

Alex Centomo

Alex Centomo is known for her amazingly beautiful long blonde hair and her very chill and comfy Brandy Melville style.She is definitely one of the original influencers in Canada and why she is definitely notable as one of the best Canadian influencers. Not only is her Instagram feed full of inspiration from her travels around the world as also another influencer who gets to travel with the company Revolve, but she also has so many photos in Montreal, Quebec – where she is from! So if you live somewhere with a lot of snow – be sure to check out her page because she makes the cold and snow look so beautiful and not miserable! You can also follow Alex on youtube – with over 500k followers – she lets her viewers into her personal life by sharing her wedding plans with her fiancé, and her adorable puppy!

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By: Daniela De Marco

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