6 Fashion Bloggers Worth Following 

March 20, 2018
6 Fashion Bloggers Worth Following 

We live in a time where we can be influenced by a click of a button. Keep reading to find out the 6 Fashion Bloggers Worth Following so you can be inspired by their amazing tastes in fashion amongst all of their amazing and different lifestyles.

Song of Style

Aimee Song who is the creator of Song of Style is one of the original fashion bloggers to grace us with their presence through her amazing blog and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed – she is worth being a fashion blogger worth following. Today, she has created an empire through becoming one of New York Times Best Selling Author for her book Capture Your Style, which is all about how to transform yourself into the person you want to portray on Instagram through your style. She also has her main blog Song of Style which gets over 2 million views per month. She also started a Youtube channel where she vlogs events like Fashion Month, her travel diaries to exotic locations, and some of her delicious recipes, oh – and don’t forget mentioning her obsession for avocado toast!

The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is the fashion blogger and Instagram queen – and she is definitely one of the 6 fashion bloggers worth following. She is an Italian influencer who also lives in Los Angeles and is killing the game. On Instagram, she has over 11 million followers – which is the highest followed Instagram account amongst fashion influencers. Not only does she have the most followers – but she has created an empire through her amazing blog The Blonde Salad – and also by creating her own line named Chiara Ferragni Collection – her most famous design that has now been copied by other brands everywhere is the blue eye that is all over her collection from sparkly shoes to sweaters. To top it off – Chiara was named Forbes’ number one most powerful fashion influencers. Check out things to do in the fashion world and more Events in Los Angeles, California here!

Sincerely Jules

Julie Sariñana is from California and her Instagram feed will make you want to transport to all the amazing places she gets to visit. She is the mastermind behind Sincerely Jules and she is definitely a fashion blogger worth following. She is another original fashion influencer who has built a successful career on her blog and as well her clothing line – Sincerely Jules Collection. Her line has a range of beautiful denim, graphic tees, and dresses, all are defs Instagram worthy. 

Negin Mirsalehi

If you aren’t already following her – please do so right now! Negin Mirsalehi is everything goals and that is why she is one of the fashion bloggers worth following on Instagram. Negin is from Amsterdam but she travels around the world all year round with her boyfriend of 11 years. She just recently started a hair care line called Gisou – her hair is so beautiful that it will make anyone want to purchase the products she has created. And not only that, her style is so amazing that you will want to copy every single one.

A Bikini A Day

A Bikini A Day was created by bffs Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman, these two beautiful ladies were pretty much brought up on a beach and ever since day one they have been posting Instagram photos in bikinis to share with their friends, which eventually turned into their own bikini line. After looking through their Instagram accounts you will want to book the next flight out to a beautiful tropical place which is why A Bikini A Day’s creators Tash and Devin are fashion bloggers worth following. Not only do they post about bikinis but they also share their street style through their personal accounts and take the cutest best friend pics at music festivals like Coachella that will make you say “GOALS.” If you want to look like Tash and Dev at the next music festival then check out our blog post on What to Wear to a Music Festival 2018 here!

We Wore What

A New York City girl boss – Danielle Bernstein created We Wore What as a pastime as she was in college in New York, she then thought nothing would come out of her blog that was only being read by family and friends – but it slowly became her dream career. She kills the game in every aspect, showing the world her busy lifestyle through her Insta stories and she is one of the fashion bloggers worth following through her Instagram account, blog, and Youtube channel. Not only does she kill the game with her amazing street style, but she also is the owner of Second Skin Overalls which are every it-girls fave pair of overalls because Danielle just gets the trends, the fit, and she’s always had an obsession with overalls.  Check out more fashion related things to do and other Events in New York here!

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By: Daniela De Marco

Daniela writes for Chillwall on fun events, fashion, lifestyle near me and around the world.

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