4 Amazing Date Ideas and What to Wear

March 14, 2018
4 Amazing Date Night Ideas and What to Wear

Its that time of year where ordering take-out and watching Netflix all day is over and can be replaced with amazing dates! Keep reading to find out our 4 Amazing Date Ideas and What to Wear – because who doesn’t want to look cute and have fun with your significant other at the same time? These 4 date ideas will be so perfect for Spring and Summer that you will want to stop everything you’re doing and get to planning your next weekend and the perfect outfit to go along with the activity you decide on doing.

Sunday Funday!

Yes, we know – Sunday is just a day to reboot, relax, and get ready for Monday but why not enjoy the last day of the week with an amazing date! You can enjoy Sunday with your significant other by grabbing brunch because who doesn’t like French Toast or Eggs Benny? Another great activity to enjoy is taking a walk along the boardwalk, or even at your nearest park with a coffee in your hands. The best part about Sunday Funday is spending it outside before a long week ahead of being stuck in an office all day or in class. So, whether you are grabbing coffee, brunch, or going for a romantic walk we have the perfect outfit for you to wear. Depending on the weather where you live – pick out your best light wash high waisted jeans or denim shorts, pair it with a great pair of comfy and trendy sneakers, and a nice clean white tee and you’re good to go! This outfit is definitely appropriate for anything you decide to do and you can even go the extra mile by pairing this outfit with a belt or even a jean jacket on top!

Concert Night

Who doesn’t love going to a concert? This is an amazing date idea for you and your significant other. Look up your fave band and surprise your partner with tickets and voila – the most fun date night ever. Go for drinks and dinner before the concert and blast the songs the artist is going to play all the way to the concert venue. A concert is a great way to show off your personality through your outfit but don’t go too crazy because you still want to be able to show off your moves and be comfortable. A great outfit is the classic band tee shirt and vintage jeans look. This is such a fab way to dress for a concert -to make it edgier, throw on a leather jacket and some black booties. Check out more concerts and music Events in Dallas, Texas here!

4 Amazing Date Night Ideas and What to Wear

Dinner Date 4 Amazing Date Night Ideas and What to Wear

The Classic Dinner Date

This is always such an amazing date idea and never fails to be fun and yummy! Go to your fave restaurant or even try out a completely new cuisine. Whatever you choose to do – dinner dates are always super enjoyable. Depending on the type of restaurant you decide to go to – here are a few different outfits you can wear. The first outfit is a casual flowy dress that is sweet and easygoing, don’t go for something too over the top. Try to look for a dress that is casual but one you can stress dress up with some heeled sandals and cute jewelry, or even something with a pretty pattern. This outfit will definitely be flattering on anyone and is going to be comfortable without trying too hard. The second option is high waisted black denim with a flowy floral print top with some cute heeled booties or mules. The final outfit is something simple – pair a cute midi flowy skirt with a white bodysuit and throw on some flat sandals or Converse and you’re good to go!

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An Adventurous Hike

This is a perfectly amazing date for the adventurous and active couple who love to explore new and exciting places. Whether you’re chasing waterfalls or hiking to the top of the mountain to see a beautiful view or sunset – this date is for sure going to be one to remember and one that you will want to do over and over again. If you want to go hiking – you need to wear athletic clothing because no one wants to deal with getting their fave pair of jeans or linen top dirty while hiking. There are many affordable athletic wear coming out because athleisure is a huge trend right now. What you’ll need is pretty simple – and will make for a comfortable and enjoyable hike. Wear a nice fitted pair of leggings, a breezy top, baseball cap, a practical backpack or fanny pack and your fave walking shoes and you’ll be looking like a pro! If your hike is long and more difficult – don’t forget to bring a stainless steel bottle so you can fill it up with water because it’s super important to stay hydrated! Check out hiking adventures and more Events in Los Angeles, California here!

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