Most Beautiful Brunch Spots to Try in Europe 2018

March 13, 2018
Most Beautiful Brunch Spots to Try in Europe 2018

Whether you’re traveling to Europe, live there, or you just love to hear about Instagram-worthy places we’ve got you covered with the most beautiful brunch spots in Europe! Each city represents its own kind of beauty and these Instagrammable brunch places know how it’s done. From the amazing presentation of the food to the interior design – these 5 brunch places will not disappoint you and will want to make you get a group of your best friends and head over for an amazing Sunday brunch experience.

Farm Girl in London

Farm Girl is for sure an Instagrammer’s dream brunch spot and one of the most popular places in London to catch up over some beautiful latte art and indulge in Australian inspired eats. Not only is the food worth the visit but Farm Girl is located in one of London’s most popular areas – Notting Hill. Notting Hill is famous for its vintage finds, beautiful cafes, and amazing architecture. Farm Girl is located off of Portobello Road in a cute little alley – which screams Instagram-worthy the minute you step foot into the entrance. If that’s not enough to get you to stay then you might be convinced once you find out that Farm Girl uses healthy and holistic ingredients which is definitely a bonus to this beautiful café! Check out more amazing places to eat and events in London here!

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Season in Paris

Paris is enough to take your breath away – but why not make the experience that much better with a beautiful brunch! Paris definitely knows how to go above and beyond with everything that they do and their brunch culture has only gotten better over the past couple of years. With that said – Season in Paris is for sure one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable brunch spots to go to after a long day of strolling the amazing streets of Paris. Here you can find the most beautiful presentation of brunch in the game! There are a lot of brunch dishes that you can find all over Los Angeles such as Açai Bowls and Avocado Toast but the difference at Season is that it’s done with a French twist. The interior is just as beautiful as the brunch – which is why you can find top Instagram influencers such as Aimee Song (@songofstyle) and Negin Mirsalehi (@negin_mirsalehi) striking a pose inside the beautiful interior of Season.

Bar Botanique in Amsterdam

If you love everything green, beautiful plants, and a beautiful brunch then Bar Botanique in Amsterdam will not disappoint! Amsterdam has really become a place in Europe with the cutest cafés, brunch spots, and actually has a decent offering of great healthy eats. Bar Botanique feels like a tropical oasis even on a gloomy day in Amsterdam – the interior will automatically put you in a good mood! Bar Botanique is not short of Instagrammable corners which is why you should bring a group of your best friends and enjoy the most relaxing and beautiful atmosphere.

Most Beautiful Brunch Spots to Try in Europe 2018

Instagrammable Brunch Most Beautiful Brunch Spots to Try in Europe 2018

Brunch & Cake in Barcelona

Barcelona isn’t just known for its amazing tapas but it is slowly starting to pick up on the brunch culture and they are doing an amazing job creating a culture around the art of brunch. Brunch & Cake is for sure one of the top brunch spots that is taking over Instagram which is why it is one of the top most beautiful brunch spots in Europe. Featuring the classic brunch items – Brunch & Cake makes sure to make every plate Instagram-worthy for their guests and will make you take a photo even if you don’t want to! Its beautiful white exterior will be enough to make you want to go in and want to try everything an Instagrammer dreams of.

Apollo Bar in Copenhagen

Definitely a noteworthy place to mention for a beautiful brunch in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is overall a beautiful place to visit and has a wide variety of beautiful little restaurants and cafés at every corner, however, Apollo Bar really knows how to make brunch memorable and delicious. Apollo Bar is considered a hidden gem – which is definitely a bonus for Instagrammer’s who love to visit places that aren’t already all over the ‘gram. The brunch is simply amazing and you will want to be going back for more. Everything is put together in such a beautiful way and you can tell that the staff  really takes their time to make sure that their dishes come out perfect each and every time. A bonus to this amazing gem is that it is situated in the courtyard of Kunsthal Charloetteborg which is one of the most beautiful spaces for contemporary art in Northern Europe! To check out more interesting places and events in Copenhagen click here!

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