Top Music Festivals To Go To In Ottawa & Montreal

March 8, 2018

Keep reading to find out the Top Music Festivals to Go to in Ottawa and Montreal! There are many reasons to enjoy the summer, and by far the greatest activity one can do is attending an awesome, epic music festival. Now, there are some festivals that are well known in the Ottawa/Montreal region, however, there are a few that may intrigue you or a friend to try out this summer!

Top Music Festivals To Go To In Ottawa and Montreal

Dancing to Music Top Music Festivals To Go To In Ottawa and Montreal


The first Top Music Festival to go to in Ottawa and Montreal I will mention is the ultimate Osheaga 2018 music festival! This festival consists of multiple genres of music and is highly popular. Hosted in Montreal Quebec, Osheaga bring various artists that you cannot believe the lineup, not just of whom, but how many in a weekend! Osheaga Festival will begin at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, August 3 and ends on Sunday, August 5. A short lineup of who will be performing this year is as follows; Die Antwood, Muse, The Weekend, Phantogram, Alabama Shakes, Cage the Elephant, and so many more.


Over the years Bluesfest has really impressed the Northern Ontario and Quebec region a well-diversified lineup in music, as an annual event starting in 1994. Of course, with a name like Bluesfest, you can guess it, it used to be a festival for just blues music which is why it is one of the Top Music Festivals to go to in Ottawa and Montreal. However, over the years they have changed it up, adding bands from Lady GaGa to Red Hot Chili Peppers. This year they are even having Hanson perform this year….HANSON! Your inner 90’s boy-band loving affair will surely be pleased with this odd yet exciting contribution to Bluesfest. This is a 10-day festival so there are several days with various artists to be seen. Bluesfest beginning Jul 5 and ends on Jul 15, 2018.

Escapade Music Festival

Escapade Music Festival will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 23 and ends at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 24 being held in Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. This festival is certainly for those who enjoy dance music of several genres and why it is one of the Top Music Festivals to go to in Ottawa and Montreal. On their site, they provide a weekend guide to help those who would be attending for the first time. Although Osheaga tours all over Canada, if you find yourself in the capital during this time. You can bet this music festival would not be something you want to miss. Check out more Music Festivals and Events in Ottawa here!

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Amnesia Rockfest

Fans of rock, punk, metal and even hip-hop will consider this a Top Music Festival to go to in Ottawa and Montreal. Amnesia Rockfest (formally known as Petite-Nation Montebello Rockfest) is coordinated and organized by the founder Alex Martel who resides in Montebello Quebec. This small town over the past few years has developed into one of the most popular metal festivals in Canada. Though in every year, Amnesia Rockfest provides artists such as Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan, and Alice Cooper. This taking place in the outdoors in the small town, people from all over bring trailers, tents, even RVs to camp out for the entire weekend to experience a culture of misfits and diehard heavy music lovers. This festival is taking place on June 14th to the 16th. Music Festival’s not your thing? Click here to find out more Events in Montreal here!

Heavy Montréal

Another festival for the hard rock and metal music lovers. Happening on Saturday, July 28 and ends on Sunday, July 29, this festival provides a similar lineup category such as Amnesia which is why it is a Top Music Festival to go to in Ottawa and Montreal!

Rockfest, however, is taking place in Parc-Jean Drapeau in Montreal Quebec. HEAVY MONTRÉAL is run by the same team who have been growing the festival since the first edition in 2008 when it was known as Heavy MTL. This team pursues the mission of providing an unparalleled festival experience to our fans by producing HEAVY at an ideal site just minutes from downtown Montreal; booking world-class artists from home and abroad.

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By: Meagan Young

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