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July 17, 2017

Wardrobe Essentials You Can Take On Any Trip

It may be easier to throw everything out and start over, but there are pieces in your wardrobe worth keeping. Instead of buying clothes instantly, you need to learn how to approach your wardrobe differently to reuse old pieces and make a new outfit every day.

Organize your closet
first thing’s first you have to organize your closet, separate them all. Put all the jeans together, all the tops in one corner, skirts over there, pants over here. Then you have to separate what you wear the most, and what is more practical. Remove what you haven’t worn in a long time. We will look at them at the end to decide if it is going to stay with you any longer or not. When you are putting stuff back to your closet make an honest guess if you’ll wear it again, if you are not sure put it aside go back to it in 24 hours. Clothes that they don’t fit or you are over them, SELL them on eBay, Kijiji, or local website, or donate them. Also, separate clothes that needs to be repaired or alternated. Your belonging needs to be in a good condition that inspires you to put them in good use. Store your most used at eye level. Use your drawers for folded items, hangers for dresses and use shoe boxes for shoes or odd items. In order to find things easier, put things back within categories (tops/blouses/pants/skirts/jeans/dresses). Store accessories in a clear box, if you are not using them on a regular basis.

Road Trips

Every item in your closet needs to be comfortable and super flattering that you would reuse then repeatedly. The essential item for this spring and summer is a nice flattering bodysuits. You have to pick a soft material bodysuit that won’t bother you after couple of hours. Bodysuits don’t ride up and expose your lower back, they are great for work or if you are active.

Neutral colors
You need couple of plain neutral colors basic pieces to use with different outfits. Basic items are super helpful, and versatile. You need couple of beige, white, grey tank tops or soft t-shirts to wear under jackets or cardigans. You can almost pair them with anything. You can easily dress them up with accessories such as a neckless or a hat etc. since you are going to wear them a lot, it is not a bad idea to invest in a nice soft material.

Slip Dress
Again you don’t need so many different dresses, you only need one or two basic dresses that fits good and flatter your body to pair them with different items. A nice pattern dress, bohemian style, or floral dress is the best piece for summer. You can wear them with denim jackets, a cardigan, or sweater on top.

2017 has been all about throwback looks and trends. The triumphant return of so many 90’s favourite items by so many celebrities and fashion icons have given us the option to be trendy and cozy at the same time. Tracksuits are the great example of easy, simple, cozy essentials that you can pair them with lace bodysuits, white tees, crop tops, and a nice pair of heels to make a nice look.

Leather Jackets
Leather jackets never goes out of fashion. You need to invest in a nice fitted black leather jacket. You can wear your jacket all year around and pair it with different items. You can throw it on a white tee, slip dress, sweater, etc. YOU NEED A NICE LEATHER JACKET IN YOUR WARDROBE.

Oversized Denim Jackets
If anything we learnt from 2016 fashion, it’s that oversized everything is everything. Oversized denim jackets give a different vibe to your look. You can mix your oversize jacket with a tight dress or a crop top. You can also wear your oversized denim jackets with a long white t-shirt dress and a nice pair of heels or boots. BOOM your weekend outfit is ready.

In summary, every girl/wardrobe needs a nice pair of black classic heels, a nice pair of jeans, and a nice black leather jackets. Now you have your look ready here is the list of best hangout places for your next night out to show your great look.

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By: Shab.Gh

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