7 Amazing Spots in Los Angeles to Have your Girls Weekend

June 5, 2017
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is definitely the best party destination in the summer. Want an amazing girls’ weekend? Check out these places:

The Mayan

This is a mega club in Los Angeles that is described as a “temple of sound” (and for good reason). DJs constantly mix the latest hits for the club goers and this place is known for having the best music out of any Los Angeles club. Make sure to plan ahead, as this place fills up fast. This place is pretty posh, so make sure to dress in your coolest outfit (suit and tie level dress is required here).

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Avalon Hollywood

Avalon is historic in Los Angeles as it has been around since 1927 and is considered one of the most fun clubs in Los Angeles. Electronic and dubsteb music plays all night long on Friday (known as “control” night). On Saturday (“Avaland” night) there are some big name DJs that play. The building provides a unique mix of the nightclub experience with a concert venue feel (perfect for the many events held here). For a unique experience, try this place!

Villains Tavern

Not looking for a fancy evening? Try this place for some amazing and interesting food and even more interesting drinks. Try a “demon” burger or a “devil” dog before you get to some of the interesting shaved iced drinks (any maybe their infused popcorn dishes?). Live bands play here often. If you want a relaxed place to chill while in LA, definitely check this place out.

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Create Nightclub

If you’re looking for a big club experience that’s upscale in nature, this is the perfect place. There is a club area, but also a lounge area that has that red velvet rope feel that makes anyone feel posh. The walls are lined with art and the decor is perfection. There are DJs that play regularly that are big names, so you can still get your groove on (you came to Los Angeles to party, right?)

The Crocker Club

Food meets dance at this old favourite. This place strives to make a comfortable experience for guests with a great dance floor, VIP areas (if you so choose) and favourite foods such as house made chickens fingers. The best part? No need to leave the club to get food (so you can party all night long).

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Sassafras Saloon

Mixology is the name of the game here. The aesthetic of the décor in this bar resembles an old-fashioned saloon, and this is definitely one of the most interesting dive bars in the city. Head here to have a fun night without paying as much as some of the higher end clubs (you will still have an awesome time though).

Belasco Theater

Doubling as A theater with concerts and a club with events happening regularly, this place is perfect if you’re an entertainment lover. A spacious venue, this place offers many different types of events. Whether you want to book a VIP booth for a show or simply by some tickets and dance in the crowd, this place is awesome.

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