Can’t miss Art Shows In New York City this Summer!

July 15, 2017
Art Shows

Summer brings us variety of different fun, colourful, free activities. From summer camps, to music festivals, carnivals, outdoor movies, and sport. One of our favourite activities in summer time specially on rainy days is visiting art exhibits, art shows, and museums. New York’s art shows are prominent all year around, however, exploring art exhibits is one the most popular activities in New York City every summer. New York is home to most creative and inspiring artists in the world.  Here is the list of five respectable and fun NYC exhibits this summer.


Outdoor Art

Making Space: Woman Artists and Postwar Abstraction | MoMA | April 15 – August 13
This exhibition is all about female artists. Making Space features hundreds of works done by female artists from all over the world. Making Space, showcases achievements  of female artists between the end of World War II 1945  and the starts of the Feminists movement.  This exhibits features more 100 pieces of paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints, textile, and more.

A World of Emotions: Ancient Greece, 700 B.C – 200 A.D | Onassis Cultural Center New York | March 9 – June 24, 2017
This exhibition brings together more than 130 masterpieces from Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, Athens, the Louvre, the British Museum. and Vatical Museums. A World of Emotions explores how ancient Greece expressed, controlled and manipulated feelings, and prompts questions about how we express and simulate feelings. It has been brought together over four years and aims to points out how our story as the human race has unfolded and have been transformed since the times of Ancient Greece.

Nari Ward: G.O.A.T., again | Socrates Sculpture Park | April 29 – September 4, 2017
This outdoor installation showcases six sculptures by African American artist based on the eponymous animal. According to Nari the solo artist of the Great Of All Time, (G. O.A.T), this exhibits explore “how hubris creates misplaced expectations in American cultural politics” and express the legendary Muhammed Ali.

Mummies | American Museum of Natural History | March 20 – January 7, 2018
This interactive show portray an up close look at mummies as well as interactive touch tables, rare artifacts, and cutting edge imaging. In this exhibit you can discover when, how, why ancient Egyptians and Peruvians were mummified.
Mummies brings you face to face with some of these ancient individuals and reveals how scientists are using modern technology to glean stunning details about them and their cultures.”

Judith Leiber: Crafting a New York Story | Museum of Arts and Design | April 4 – August 6, 2017
The highlight of this exhibition is Judith Leiber’s jeweled, embellished and patterned clutches. this influential artworks are influenced by both art deco and techniques Leiber learned in Europe. she uses material (fabrics and crystals) from India, Asia, and Africa and tell her story through her bags. This is a chance for handbag lovers to explore this shiny accessory exhibit.

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Can’t miss Art Shows In New York City this Summer! – By: Shab. Gh

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