Top 5 Road Trips from Toronto

May 30, 2017
Road Trips

It’s time to liberate yourself from a busy city life! Whether you want to go solo or in a group, these short nature road trips will rejuvenate your body and soul.
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Awenda Provincial Park, Tiny Township

This hidden gem Provincial park is about two hours north of Toronto. Immerse yourself in tree tunnel roadways throughout the park. Beautiful views of Georgian Bay along shorelines make it worth a visit. Unlike other parks, Awenda is a great place year-round. There are several beaches in the park but beach four is the true gem for picturesque sunsets! This last hidden beach is a bit of a hike so make sure you are ready!   

Elora Gorge, Elora

One of the most beautiful and spectacular natural areas in the Grand River valley. Hikers can enjoy gorgeous views of the water below while kayakers and tubers make their way through the stream. A large beach area with enclosed cliffs (also used as a swimming hole!) at Elora Quarry is perfect for swimmers and sunbathers.

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory

This is a bit more of a drive but well worth it! The crystal clear turquoise water and stunning landscapes are some of the attractions of Bruce Peninsula. It is also a hiking-lovers haven with extensive hiking trails and incredible terrain. The infamous hike to Cyprus Lake Grotto is a must! Leave some time to visit the flower pot island and you can even snorkel the underwater shipwreck!

Dundas Peak, Dundas

Closer to Toronto, this is a treat! Nestled in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, the peak has long been a popular local destination. This lookout spot offers a breathtaking view of the town of Dundas as well as a glimpse of Hamilton. The most common way to reach the peak is hiking through the Tew Falls or the Websters Falls. Be sure to make time for this 3-in-1 deal!

Scenic Caves, Blue Mountain

Apart from being a great ski resort in winter, this area also has some fun activities during summer. There are a bunch of caves to explore, some of which are as deep as 70 feet and as cold as an ice cave! Other actitivies include walking across the longest suspension bridge in Southern Ontario and a half mile Twin ziplining ride. The perfect way to end this Blue Mountain trip is to indulge yourself in an outdoor Scandinave Spa!

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