Toronto’s Best Asian Inspired Gelato

April 29, 2017

If you think Toronto is missing out on “Asian Gelato” think again! These three are a must-try for your next gelato adventure!

Kekou Gelato

The boldness and authentic flavours of real fruit and ingredients is what makes Kekou gelato different. Plenty of flavours including Black Sesame, Vietnamese Coffee, Hong Kong Milk tea, Roasted Oolong, Ginger Milk, Red Bean White Chocolate, Spicy Mango, Jackfruit, and more. If you dare, try the king of Fruit from Thailand, “Durian” flavour! There are durian bits in it as well! The Asian-inspired waffle cones include some dipped in seaweed or sesame seeds for no extra charge! Non-dairy options include Guava Plumsalt, Strawberry Lychee and Lemon Chrysanthemum!

Millie Creperie

Enjoying gelato in a handheld “Japanese Crepe” filled with fresh fruit, and whipped cream reminded me of a trip to Tokyo. You can also order “Parfaits” served with Green Tea ice cream, whipped cream, Corn Flakes, strawberries, two Pocky sticks, and other toppings. Millie Creperie desserts use classic French technique, combined with Japanese flavours and methods. Their classics are flavours like Matcha, Yuzu, and Black Sesame. By partnering with Khao San Road, they came up with Thai-inspired gelato that includes flavours like Thai Tea, Pandan, and Coconut.

Put a Cone on It

This cute little hidden gem in Koreatown is known for it’s smooth and creamy ice cream/gelato hybrid. The creaminess of the texture is made from milk, cream and eggs. The flavours include Black Sesame, Matcha, Houjicha (Roasted green tea), Red Bean, Dark Chocolate Passionfruit and more. Vegan sorbet flavours are tropical Pineapple-Coconut, Mango, Mandarin Orange and Roasted Banana. A thin, crispy triangle waffle chip placed on top of each scoop of gelato, which make it looks like an upside-down cone! Let’s put a cone on it!


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