5 Amazing Cities for Pizza Connoisseurs

February 22, 2017
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Are you addicted to pizza? This travel bucket list is specifically for lovers of the za who just can’t get enough …

Chicago, Illinois

Birthplace of the heavenly deep dish, Chicago is loaded with joints that serve all kinds of pizza. You’ll most likely indulge in the best deep dish pizza in America while you’re here, but keep in mind that Chicago is also the original home of the stuffed pizza (less famous then deep dish but arguably just as delicious). Giordano’s has tons of locations and serves a stuffed deep dish that is not to be missed (yes, you can have both). Also try Uno Pizzeria & Grill which claims to be the inventor of deep dish. Vegan? Dimo’s serves the best Vegan pizza pie in the city.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s pizza joints are part of why it is considered one of the best cities for foodies. Pizza here is interesting to say the least, reflecting the cultural diversity of the city. For eccentric flavors, try the famous Pizza Rustica (Warning: Do NOT order from this place if you’re a plain Jane when it comes to pizza, as normal flavors are not the norm here). Try the infamous pear and gorgonzola pizza with red onion and sliced pear (cool, right?). For a Canadian twist with your pizza try the “Oh Canada” at Za Pizzeria which is topped with maple syrup, bacon, potato chips and mozzarella.

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Naples, Italy

Considered the birthplace of pizza, there are so many pizza joints scattered throughout Naples that you’ll eat pizza for every meal (which isn’t a bad thing, right?). Unlike North American pizza, you’re pretty much guaranteed wood-grilled pies made with fresh ingredients found mainly in Europe such as romano cheese and sauces made in-house. There are a lot of hole-in-the-wall, no-frills joints where you might have to wait in line (Italy is filled with them), but the quality makes it worth it because you can find it no other place in the world.

New York City, USA

Why New York? The largest Italian population in North America has brought the traditions of Italian pizza to the big apple, so the city’s appetite for pizza knows no limits. You can find different types of pizza almost anywhere (greasy food trucks, bars, and of course plenty of places selling slices for a dollar). NYC is definitely the best place to get authentic Italian style pizza without having to travel to Italy. Need a recommendation? Make your way to Di Fara Pizza as pizza lovers do for an iconic slice that’s handmade from one of the most well-known places in the city.

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Provence, France

This region in Southern France is for adventurous pizza lovers who have tasted it all. The area is famous for it’s Pissaladière, which is the French version of pizza. The dough is much thicker than that of traditional pizza (often it is also a puff pastry) and is heavy on the caramelized onions rather than tomatoes. Tons of places in the region offer this delicacy, usually as an appetizer.

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Written by Kent Austin

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