5 Dessert Cities to Satisfy your Sugar High

July 29, 2016

Eat dessert first! A major thing people consider when travelling is the food served at their destination, and these cities are the best in the world for those with a sweet tooth:

Rome, Italy

Rome has not yet been taken over by big chain restaurants, so most places to eat in Rome are mom and pop type places where the ingredients are fresh and the food is homemade. The desserts are no exception. Find the freshest cannolis and other pastries found in the most extravagant dessert shops in the world. On every corner you will find a gelato bar serving a huge assortment of flavors.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are 2 things that the Dutch do very well: cheese and waffles. All around Amsterdam you will find elaborate waffles creations. Amsterdam is home to the famous Stroopwafel, small waffles the size of cookies that have been flavored (caution: they are addictive). The Dutch are also the creators of the breakfast food Hagelslag: different flavors of sprinkles that are to be eaten on bread (you will find these at any store in the city).

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A common misconception is that apple strudel is a German dish when it is actually a Viennese one. No other city in the world serves strudel as well as Vienna. You can find not only the original flavor of apple strudel here, but countless other flavors such as ones flavored with cream cheese. Most strudels are served with mouthwatering warm sauces (skip dinner, you’ll only want strudel anyway). The city is also filled with outdoor dessert markets that serve cakes that are so elaborate you will be in awe.

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New York City

Manhattan is filled with so many renowned places for food, and their dessert cafes are some of them. Head to Black Tap for the most famous milkshakes in the world that are topped with things like a piece of cheesecake (extreme, huh?). Ice cream is the best in NYC. Visit the Ample Hills creamery for some pretty extreme flavors of ice cream including Snap Mallow Pop (which tastes like a rice crispy treat) or Salted Crack Caramel made with saltine crackers.

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Los Angeles

We recently blogged about how Los Angeles is the best place on earth for foodies and we’d like to elaborate on some of their dessert places to further prove this point. Desserts in Los Angeles are often described as “mind blowing”. The famous République restaurant serves the infamous salted caramel chocolate cake which is made with super dark chocolate and is extra tender. Pizzeria Mozza serves their Butterscotch Budino made with house made marshmallow and gelato (who says you can’t have it all?)

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Written by Kent Austin

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