5 Places that will Satisfy the Nature Lover Inside you

July 13, 2016

Love the great outdoors? Here are the best places to road trip to this summer to truly experience the beauty of nature

Everglades National Park

This is the perfect place to be for animal lovers (and lovers of the heat). Located in sunny Florida, this park features countless species of animals including over 300 types of birds, 300 types of fish and so many different types of reptiles (watch out for alligators!). Many describe this park as a tropical paradise, and with the wildlife and freshwater found here it’s easy to see why.

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Grand Canyon and Surrounding Area

The Grand Canyon is itself a jaw dropping experience, but the entire area is scenic and should be explored if you’re in Arizona. The south rim is considered to be the best place to see some amazing sites such as stunning rock formations and the Colorado River. This rim is also the most accessible to tourists. While here, also see the Havasu Falls. If you really want to see some amazing views, try the Grand Canyon Skywalk!

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Alberta Rockies

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to those who love nature, and the rockies found in the province of Alberta is a highlight. Massive mountains (snow tipped), tall pine trees and waters so blue that you won’t believe your eyes. This is one of those places that when you take a picture, you would swear it was fake. Tourists love to visit the ski resorts, or have a look at the many glaciers found in the area (such as the glaciers of Columbia). The national parks here are popular for visitors, including Banff National Park and Jasper National Park (if you have time, take a tour of them).

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Nova Scotia Coast

All the way on the Eastern Coast of Canada is one of the most beautiful coats in the world to touch the Atlantic Ocean. Stand on one of the tall hills and have a look down the rest of the never-ending coast, or down at the endless North Atlantic Ocean. Around this area is the historic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse and the nearby fishing village. The lighthouse was built in 1915 and is located in one of the most natural looking and quaint fishing villages in the country. This is one of the most photographed areas in the country for a reason!

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Yellowstone National Park

This park is massive; the bulk of it is located in Wyoming with several sections of it spreading into Idaho and Montana. Some things to see here include extreme canyons, large waterfalls, rivers and even some hot springs! You can take a tour of the park, and if you are lucky enough you might see some bears or antelope that inhabit the park.

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Written by Kent Austin

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