4 Food Festivals that Prove LA is the Ultimate Place for Foodies

June 9, 2016

By chillwall.com

Probably the biggest tourist attraction to LA is their food. So many different culinary artists and food types combine to make one dynamic food scene, and these food festivals which will make any foodie pack their bag …

LA Food Fest, July 9-10

Culinary talents congregate once yearly at the famous LA Food Fest which happens in July. Over 100 vendors serve various types of food and beverages at three events: tasting, à la carte and chef series. You can experience the most renowned culinary talents in LA at their award-winning pop-up restaurant. Live food demonstrations, DJ performances, lawn games and a food “porn” cinema also happen at this event! The best part of this festival is that it offers different types of admission to fit any budget: MRKT admission (regular admission where you can select from over 100 vendors serving food and crazy beverages), the Golden Hour admission (2 hours of unlimited food tastings) and the Rose Garden admission (chef hosted meals in a pop-up restaurant). Famous foods at this festival have been the Churro Borough and the Tempura fish taco!

LA Food and Wine Festival, August 25-28

The most unique thing about this festival is that it happens throughout the city rather than at a particular venue, giving attendees a chance to experience the eclectic nature of LA’s food and drink culture. The 4 day event happening in August is known for having celebrity chefs be among their 100+ guest chefs who prepare samples (including Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Guy Fieri and Michael Ginor). Many vendors at the event serve gourmet desserts (such as dessert waffles) and other types of food (such as hamburgers) besides ones typically served with wine, so do not feel discouraged if the “food and wine” theme is not your thing because there is something for everyone here.

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Eventrockit Food Market

The Eventrockit food, beer, and wine tasting event is going to become a regular occurrence in LA on weekends. Over 40 vendors will be present to serve dishes that accurately represent LA’s food scene including soul food, sushi, Hawaiian pancakes, ice cream waffles and more! They say that you can taste the passion that goes into every dish at this event, and the celebrated chefs do not disappoint. Whether you’re a tourist looking for food or simply a local looking to end boredom (“together we can end bordem” is actually the official event slogan), you will not be disappointed or hungry after attending this event.

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LA Salsa Festival, July 9-10

A reflection of LA’s commitment to diversity, this salsa festival offers the chance to experience food and culture. As well as countless food vendors and superb Beer and Margarita bars, there will be many salsas to sample at the salsa tasting tent. Live music and dancing will also be happening. This is the perfect event for anyone looking to enjoy some food and have some fun in the sun.

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Written by Kent Austin

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