3 Amazing Places for Japanese Food in Toronto

May 29, 2016

Toronto is notorious for having a landscape of different types of foods from all different cultures. Japanese food is one of the city’s specialties, and the northern section of the city has seen many great restaurants pop up. Check out some of the best!


You can always tell the authenticity of the food when the place is small and has that homemade feel. This 10 seats haven specializes in Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza!) and Takoyaki (octopus balls!). They also serve Japanese curry, Sukiyaki (hot pot), Yakisoba (fried noodles), Donburi (rice bowls), Hiroshimayaki (Japanese pizza with yakisoba noodles) and Onigiri (rice balls). Because everything at this restaurant is made from scratch, the service can be a little slow. However, it’s well worth the wait! Enjoy!

Kinton Ramen 4 

You would never guess that this spot has the best Ramen you have ever tried! The good thing about this place is that they have an option for chicken or pork ramen. You can choose your broth, flavour, noodle size, meat and additional toppings like a huge spoon of grated garlic, jalapeno peppers, or even cheese. They have a vegetarian option as well. Don’t forget to have an ice cold Sapporo if you’re eligible!


MeNami is Toronto’s first Traditional “Sanuki Udon” House and Sake Bar. The Udon noodles are house-made with a special machine imported from Japan. They offer a wide range of dishes from Kama Udon Soup, Vegetarian Tsuke cold Udon and also Fusion Style Udon with western sauces like Oven Baked Tex Mex Cheese Udon! Foodies and Sake Connoisseurs can enjoy quality Sake to pair with their favourite Udon. The music in this place offers deep beats and the décor is a perfect date destination.

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Written by Ann Choltida from chillwall.com

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