Amazing Places for Foodies

April 21, 2016

Are you a big foodie like I am? If so, then I think you’d appreciate the places that I’m about to list!

Chutney Villa Fine South Indian Cuisine in Vancouver

Indian cuisine is indeed very flavourful because of all the spices that the chefs put into each dish. I’d say that each dish is like a piece of artwork. Chutney Villa Fine South Indian Cuisine has some of the best lamb curry in Vancouver. Don’t miss out!

Himalayan in Calgary

Himalayan’s cuisine is a mix between Indian and Chinese, with curries inspired by Indian cuisine. Have some dumplings and sit back and relax.

Aria Bistro & Lounge in Brampton

Looking for something on the pricier side? Or looking to fully enjoy your night? Check out Aria Bistro & Lounge for some amazing food! They have even had many weddings take place at their restaurant.

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