Toronto’s Best Dessert Places For Matcha Lovers

April 18, 2016

Matcha is a powdery special kind of green tea. It has less caffeine than coffee but more than regular green tea which makes it almost like a green tea version of espresso. The traditional way to make a good cup of matcha is by using a bamboo whisk to mix hot water and the matcha powder.


Tsujiri Toronto at Bay and Dundas is the first location in North America of a Japanese chain thats over 100 years old. Due to the limited space, the venue is mainly a take-out spot. Tsujiri specializes in “matcha” and offers a variety of drinks and desserts with three levels of intensity of matcha flavour. Tsujiri’s sundae is to dance for! It is a matcha soft serve with roasted brown rice, red bean paste, chestnut, shiratama balls (like mochi), and sakura cookies. For soft serve, you can choose matcha, vanilla or a mix of the two. Don’t forget to try matcha cream puffs, and matcha red bean macarons. For a Canadian-Japanese twist, the matcha maple syrup latte is the way to go.

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Cafe

This is Uncle Tetsu’s third location in Toronto within five minutes’ walk from the first two locations! The angle hat cheesecake is our favourite and is the newest addition to the cafe. The flavour is more like a hybrid of sponge cake and mousse. The matcha red bean original cheesecake served with matcha sauce is another favourite. The cafe also offers no-bake “lunar” matcha cheesecake, as well as matcha pudding, and kawaii matcha latte arts. Oh, did I forget to mention that all waitresses are dressed in hand- made French maid costumes?! The cafe also features live J-pop performances on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sunday evenings.

Millie Creperie

Located in Kensington Market, Millie Crepreie offers French inspired pastries by Asian flavours. Millie’s signature dish is the “Japanese Special”. It’s a crepe cone served with green tea gelato, strawberries, homemade whipped cream, red bean paste and matcha sauce. The crepes are crispier compared to the usual French versions. The other popular dish is the “matcha crepe cake”. This is not a typical cake because it consists of 20–25 layers of crepes alternated with cream. You can also check out their second location near Spadina and King. The place has new additions which include “matcha rare cheese” tarts and shortie Japanese-style cheesecake.

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