Cool Places to Watch Esports

April 17, 2016

Written by Shirley Li from


Interestingly enough, Esports is a huge phenomena now, with millions glued to their screens in order to watch pro gamers face off against each other, or rather, each participating team. There are actually dedicated places nowadays, called “viewing parties” that are purposely created for the gathering of individuals who enjoy watching such sports. The great thing about this is that the parties are worldwide! That’s how popular Esports is!

eSports Arena

Want to know a bit of history? ESports Arena is the very first place dedicated for Esports and Esports alone! It is a massive 15,000 square foot building located in Orange County, California. Watch to your heart’s content!

Portal LAN Arcade

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Portal LAN Arcade features overnight LAN parties with snacks and drinks for your enjoyment! Watch League of Legends on the big screen and sit back and relax. The only downside about this location is that there is a $15 entry fee, however; most places charge an admission fee in order to cut down on expenses.

Coca-Cola Worlds Viewing Party

Esports have gained so much popularity that they have been showing in theatres. The Coca-Cola Worlds Viewing Party does just that. It is located in a movie theatre. Imagine how exciting that is!

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