Things To Do In Vancouver: For Thrillseekers

April 7, 2016

Vancouver has the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, which means that Vancouver is the ultimate thrillseekers destination. From it’s rainforest to it’s large mountains, Vancouver has something for anyone who wants to feel the thrill.

Capilano Suspension Bridge 

This long suspension bridge is an amazing structure. Dangling over the gorge will make any thrillseeker get a fear of heights.Especially when it shakes a little bit. Once you cross over, you can walk above the trees. Really cool bridges and platforms to look out from. Walk beneath the giant trees. Truly an amazing adventure. Great for hiking and taking pictures.

Hell’s Gate Jet Boating

This high speed boat will get you wet and give you the ride of your life. Zoom down this bumpy whitewater ride with a certified guide. It will feel like you are on a roller coaster. The wind and water in your face gives you a big thrill. A truly amazing experience.

Bobsledding at Whistler Olympic Park

Now this ride is no joke and is for the most extreme thrillseekers. Travel down the Olympic bobsled track in Whistler and feel what it is like to zoom down the course in a 4 man bobsled. The G force is crazy on the ride and you will feel the speed for sure. Expert drivers will ride with you down. This will be the fastest experience you have ever felt.

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