Keep It A Secret: Unique Bars In Toronto

April 6, 2016

By Michael Jacobsen from 


Toronto has many great bars that offer great drinks and a good time. Most of them are the same but some are different. Some offer a unique experience with an atmosphere that you would find amazing for a big city. Here are some of the most unique bars in Toronto.

Town Crier

This amazing bar is located in a houselike building. It’s interior is cozy and makes you feel like you are in a small town and not a major city. Plushy leather couches and chairs , fill this establishment. You feel like you are in a lounge in a mansion. If the interior doesn’t amaze you , then the food and the plentiful beers on tap will. Their food is spectacular and they have beers from all around the world. Try the Ceres beer. Truly amazing beer with a very smooth taste.

C’est What

This bar is located near St James Market. It is underground and it is truly a fun experience. The interior is modern with bright lighting and the food and selection of drinks are spectacular. This bar also offers board games to play and fun types of like Poutine. Try to go there when Toronto has their beerfest. Amazing selection. Lots of local stuff. If you love craft beer, then this place is for you. Try the Waupoos Cider. It is sweet but very crip flavour. Great place to hang out with friends and have a fun time.

Amsterdam Brew House

This place might be the best located bar in all of Toronto. Right on the waterfront is this amazing brewery that brews some of the best beer in house. They make many different varieties. Their steak and ale pie is amazing. It comes with an amazing cinnamon butter that is great on bread. Their beer is spectacular. The brewhouse is very popular and you can see the factory while you eat. The view of the waterfront is also amazing and offers great day and evening views of Lake Ontario. Try their Natural Blonde beer. So good.

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