Things To Do In Calgary : For Thrillseekers

February 19, 2016

By Michael Jacobsen from


Calgary is known for its wild west kind of meets big city fun. That is why Calgary is the best city when it comes to thrillseeking adventures. Here are the top things to do in Calgary for thrillseekers.

Canadian Olympic Park

Located just outside of Calgary is Canada’s winter olympic training ground. This is where the Olympics were held in 1988. You can live 1988 all over again, but this time your the athlete. Sled down the bobsled track or zipline off the ski jump. These activities will be giving you screams that are worthy of a gold medal.

Calaway Park

This theme park is celebrating 35 years of fun. It is located just outside Calgary and offers some of the best rides in the west. Do the log flume or the vortex. There are rides for all ages at the park.

Ranch Man’s

If you want to experience some of the best western style thrill, then check out Ranch Man’s. This bar/saloon is all country and is truly representative of Calgary. With mechanical bull riding to legendary Hart family pro wrestling, nothing gets more Calgary than this. Enjoy the ride and have fun.

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