Things To Do In Orlando : Entertainment On A Budget

February 17, 2016

By Michael Jacobsen from 


Orlando is the home to many of the world’s biggest themepark. Those themeparks are lots of fun but they are not so fun on the wallet. This list has fun events for you and also for your wallet.

The Black Hammock

If you want to get up close and personal with Florida’s favourite resident, then you should go to The Black Hammock. Come and see their Gator exhibits for free. Right next to Lakes Jesup, this place is beautiful for family photos and nature watching. They even have a small restaurant there. Lots of fun and really affordable.

Old Town 

If you don’t like nature, then perhaps you would like Old Town. This is a small town that has over 70 shops, arcades, magic shops, and rides. They also have muscle cars on Fridays. Fun shows and entertainment make this place a fun , cheap evening for the whole family to enjoy.

Free Disney/Universal places

If you want to see Disney but don’t want to pay for admission, then there are ways to see some of the key things. You can ride the Monorails around Epcot for free and as well ride the Monorail to Magic Kingdom and take the boat.You can also explore all their hotels for free and ride all the buses around.  Also you can check out Downtown Disney for free. They have tons of theme restaurants and stores. These free things will get you in the Disney mood.

Universal also has a free component. Universal City Walk has tons of entertainment and shops that your family can enjoy for free.

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