Free Events In San Francisco All Year Long

January 26, 2016

San Francisco has some of the best places to visit, but mostly you need to pay money for them. These events listed below are free and are also really fun.

Cafe Royal

Cafe Royal is a France-themed cafe. They have tons of free events that will make you feel like you are in France. These events include bands, karaoke, and poetry. So enjoy a free event and also maybe enjoy a great snack or drink.

Seward Street Slides

If you want a thrill ride but you do not want to pay the theme park prices, then Seward Street is where it is at. They have these concrete slides that you can try on a cardboard sled. Fun for all ages.


Some places have free admission on the first Tuesday of every month.  You should search these deals up if you are there at the right time. Some art museums have it.

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