Most Intimate Places in Leeds

January 23, 2016

Traveling to Leeds with your significant other and wanting things to do there? Read on as I count down some of the top intimate places in the city!

1. Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill

If you just received your paycheque and wouldn’t mind splurging a bit, then hop on over to Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill with your partner for an intimate and amazing experience. Although a bit on the pricier side, the food and experience will definitely make your night perfect.

2. Crowd of Favours

Crowd of Favours is a neat little bar that’s highly unique. Why? They let you become an artist by letting you design your own t-shirts, as well as let you play on their Sega console. Enjoy your lovey dovey moments together with your partner.

3. Everyman Cinema

Love films? Go to Everyman Cinema for some amazing leather couches, which are perfect for those cuddling sessions. What else? Of course the films are great as well!

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