3 street food markets to visit in Bangkok

June 27, 2023
Customers eating by the sidewalk outdoors

Bangkok, Thailand is also known as “foodies’ heaven”. There is street food everywhere in this megacity of more than 15 million people. If you are adventurous and want to eat like the locals in BKK, make sure to visit these spots. Note to travelers: Some of these places might not speak any English, or take credit cards, so be sure to download a language translation app and bring some Thai baht (cash)!

Chan Road (Between Soi 18 – Soi 22)

Chan road is known by locals for a wide variety of street food. Tourists don’t know about this decades-old street food area in Bangkok just yet. A lot of the food places are more than 20 years in business, and still taste like the original recipes and flavors I experienced growing up in the area. The food ranges from classic congees to rice-porridges, Thai hotpot, various unique Thai noodle soups, Thai bakeries, Thai-style rotis, and more! The almost famous Thai dessert place called “Cheng Sim Ei” has its original location here. Each dish starts from only about 40 Thai baht ($1.50 CAD)! This place is not easily accessible by public transit. The nearest BTS sky train station is Saphan Taksin. Then you have to take another bus, or tuk tuk, taxi or motorcycle. You can also walk but it would be about 30 minutes from Saphan Taksin BTS station. Some stalls are open all day but there are more stalls open in late evening.

cooked food on white ceramic bowl

One of the many options to eat in the area. Tom Yum noodles.


St. Louis Soi 3 (Chan Road Soi 18/7 or accessible from Sathon Road Soi 11)

This area has easy access from Chan Road but it is a totally different area with different food stalls and vendors. You can also get off the BTS sky train at St Louis station and its about 1 km walk (15 mins) to St. Louis Soi 3 via Sathon Soi 11. Famous street food to try here: Chicken rice, Stewed pork leg with rice, Thai spicy salad, Thai Biryani rice, BBQ pork with rice, Duck noodle soup, Seafood, Somtum, Pad Thai, bubble tea, coconut ice cream with frozen egg, and the 3 decades old stall that sells delicious mini coconut pancakes! The best times of day are similar to Chan road, some stalls are open all day, but there are more stalls open in late evening. Food prices also start from 40 Thai baht or $1.50 CAD like Chan road stalls!

A cook wearing an Asian conical hat

A local cook making cooking seafood in their food stall.

Silom Soi 10


This is one of the biggest outdoor food courts in the Silom neighbourhood/area located behind the iconic skyscraper (ITF Tower). It’s just a short walk from Sala Daeng BTS sky train station. If you enter from Silom Soi 10, you will pass some small Thai food stalls, then a market full of clothing and accessories. Keep going until you see a big food court in the back with a seating area. There are probably around 60-80 food stalls in total in the main food court area, not including the ones in the front. You’ll find all sorts of Thai food here, including two Thai vegan food stands. Food prices also start from 40 Thai baht or $1.50 CAD just like the other two locations. This food court is mainly for Thai office workers, so they are open only Mon-Fri early morning until late afternoon.


people sitting on chair in restaurant

People sitting at an outdoor food court in Bangkok.


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