Discovering Hidden Gems in Africa’s National Parks

April 8, 2023
A group of elephants near the water.

Africa is a beautiful continent. Its stunning nature and historical and cultural sights leave thousands of people speechless. No matter where in Africa you step, a new experience will be waiting for you. If you are planning your trip to this continent and are in search of the things that you should not miss, here are several of Africa’s hidden gems in National Parks that are a must.

1. Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Hidden on the western side of the Simien mountains, this incredible place is known as the largest national park in Ethiopia. As a perfect combination of landscapes, it offers cliffs and valleys, high peaks, and plateaus. Since the national park encompasses the highest area of the Simien mountains, it is also home to the highest peak in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen. Moreover, it is one of the first sights protected by UNESCO.

Numerous species of flora and fauna can be found in Simien Mountains national park. Some of them are endangered animals, like Ethiopian Wolfe. And some are so unique that you will hardly find them anywhere else in the world. So, if you have saved some money and are searching for the best traveling destination, this may interest you. One thing is for sure- you won’t lack adventure and breathtaking images.

A group of giraffes among the trees and grass.

Ethiopia has breathtaking landscapes.

2. Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

Monley lovers, we have a promised land for you! On the territory of the Mahale Mountains national park in Tanzania, there are many of them, and of all the types you can think of. However, they are not the only great thing you will find in the Mahale Mountains. Its unique nature and the perfect combination of forest and beach areas will seal your heart immediately.

However, one of the most interesting things about this place is that you will find no roads or any other modern infrastructure all around the park. You will have to go on foot and sometimes by boat for everything you want to see and visit. However, that makes the number of activities extremely high. Wildlife watching, snorkeling, and boat trips on the lake of Tanganyika are only some of them.

Tanzania is a fantastic place full of different contents. Once you start discovering its gems, you may find it’s also a perfect place for life. However, since it is sometimes difficult to deal with the challenges of moving internationally, your should mentally prepare for the move and everything along the way.

3. Tsavo East National Park, Kenya – one of the hidden gems in Africa’s National Parks

Tsavo East National Park, situated in an area once known as a desert, encompasses a vast landscape that most visitors leave speechless. It is a hidden gem with its real meaning, and few tourists have discovered its charms. However, this unique landscape is also known as a biodiversity base. A vast number of different species have found their homes in the park. If you decide to visit it, the chances that you’ll see a hippo, leopard, buffalo, or lion are pretty high.

Free Black Hippopotamus o A hippo in its natural habitat.n Green Grass Stock Photo

Wild animals in the African area are incredible.

4. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

If Africa is your wish list traveling destination, you should never miss Ruaha National Park. This is one of the most amazing hidden safari destinations in the world. Its visitors will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature among the tall baobab trees with a long history. On the other hand, there comes the park’s interesting wildlife. You will be able to see numerous wild species and participate in the famous game viewing this park is so famous for.

5. Kafue and South Luangwa – Zambia

If you are among the wildlife-viewing lovers and want to peek into the area of untouched nature, Kafue and South Luangwa are what you need.

Kafue National Park is particularly interesting for its wide range of antelope spaces, and most visitors are excited to try plains game within the boundaries of the perfect natural habitat. On the other hand, Luangwa National Park can boast of its unique safari tours. Those are walking experiences guided by the best professionals. There you can explore nature and its wildlife all on foot. This kind of viewing tour is available in only a small number of national parks. Maybe that’s why it is one of the most adventurous experiences you can have.

6. Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda

And now, here comes one of the hidden gems in Africa’s National Parks that is among the least explored ones, as well. This fantastic area consists of rainforest and nine volcanoes, three still active.

This area has gone through massive development in the last twenty years. It is now a new tourist attraction developing in both sizes and the number of visitors. Numerous projects are planned in the area. They will have a significant impact on both tourist opportunities, as well as the infrastructure. However, we can still say that Volcanoes National Park is a part of Africa where you can expect fewer crowds than in most other areas. Even though it is easy to reach this park from the country’s capital, it somehow kept its mysterious and secret atmosphere. So, whether you are a solo traveler or planning a trip with your friends and family, you’ll have a memorable exploring time in the best possible private setting you can imagine.

7. Golden Gate Highlands National Park in Free State 

This national park is all about nature. Its incredible golden-yellow nuances created by the sun and the park’s sandstone landscapes during the evening hours can enchant even the most experienced travelers. If you are craving a relaxing atmosphere somewhere in the middle of Africa, Golden Gate Highlands National Park is where you should go. A perfect scenery with unique flora and fauna will change your idea of an ideal vacation.

A desert during the day.

Meet the stunning landscapes.

As you can see, this should be the right time to start creating your journey plans. No matter which of these hidden gems in Africa’s National Parks got your attention, you must not miss it. Experience the atmosphere of some entirely different world, and see nature and its inhabitants in the best light.


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