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March 16, 2021

Imagine the situation, where you arrived in a new place and you are a complete stranger with no local friends to guide you. Suddenly, someone greets you, your own personal AI concierge that helps you discover the best local experiences by how you feel.  That future exists now! AEVI (AI-Enabled Voice Intelligence), Chillwall AI’s new disruptive Virtual Concierge plans your travel day for you. Encouraging visitors to See more, Spend more, and Book more.

Created by PhDs

Chillwall AI’s deep learning emotional AI developed by PhDs and Master’s graduates from neuroscience, behavioural science, computer engineering, deep learning, and NLP provides a human-like visitor discovery experience based on a user’s location, interests and mood in real-time, connecting people from their digital interface to the real world. Chillwall AI combines emotional intelligence with artificial intelligence to change the way we explore cities.

woman in blue jacket standing on rock near waterfalls during daytime

A traveler visiting a waterfall

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is now a key ingredient in customer engagement. In fact, according to a Pegasystems survey on customer engagement, 100% of top-performing companies are currently using AI. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is becoming easier to identify consumers’ needs, thus, give them personalized services offering an advantage to Hotels, Tourism, or Loyalty programs. It also helps sales teams quickly identify customer purchasing patterns, generating more loyal consumers and higher customer satisfaction.

Providing personalized and accessible digital travel itineraries for visitors is the new way to improve a destination’s marketing strategy to attract new and returning travelers.

More than the product, it is the experience they pay for.  When a consumer uses a product, there is an experience behind it. For example, when someone eats in a restaurant, it is not just the food, it is the ambiance, comfort, and service too that he or she pays for.

people sitting in front of table talking and eating

People enjoying their meal and experience at a restaurant

Making Artificial Intelligence Happen

We know that artificial intelligence is real and very powerful. However, making AI work for the business is not as simple as pressing a button on a calculator. Chillwall’s ability to meet the needs of this new consumer experience is made possible through their proprietary AI. This allows them to “process millions of calculations very quickly through light data models.”

Chillwall AI is a data intelligence firm located in Toronto. Its founders Michael Campanelli MBA and Dr. Ian Knowles have developed remarkable machine learning algorithms to power Chillwall’s artificial intelligence platform. Their proprietary AI, named AEVI, learns from numeric and linguistic data; to find patterns and identify personalized opportunities.

Chillwall AI’s Virtual Concierge creates a transformational visitor experience for hotels and tourism, increasing revenue spend.

Discover More

three men carrying women surrounded by many people during daytime

Friends having fun at a festival

Predictive AI scaled down to a personal level will have a disruptive effect on the way we interact with our living spaces and bring about a new era of augmented reality. In the case of Chillwall AI, this means “a better visitor experience, more visitors, longer stays, and for the very first time, real insights into how people feel when they’re discovering their cities.” Best of all, it is an app-less trip planner.

Chillwall AI are creators of a superhuman concierge helping visitors to discover new travel experiences without searching

Chillwall AI has developed AEVI (AI-Enabled Voice Intelligence), an emotionally intelligent ‘superhuman’ Digital Concierge. AEVI personalizes decision-making to turn interests into intent. Interpreting an individual’s mood, AEVI matches this data to the user’s location and time of day to recommend activities aligning with their interests and desires.

Current products include: Travel Concierge: personalized two-way engagement to convert lookers into bookers & Health Concierge: Chillwall AI is from the world’s epicenter of AI innovation comes AEVI – SuperHuman Concierge.

Chillwall AI Team

Chillwall AI Team

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By: Christopher Libardo

Meet Chris, he is a Sales and Marketing Associate at Chillwall AI

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