The Best Lakes To Visit In Wisconsin

May 28, 2020
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With an astounding 15,000 lakes scattered throughout the state, it could be difficult to choose which ones to visit. We’ve simplified your selection, here you go, the best lakes to visit in Wisconsin:

Pewaukee Lake

The longest lake in the region is Pewaukee Lake, measuring five miles long and a mile wide, is known for its inland sailing races, attracting yachters from around the country. You can even have an exciting fishing experience as fishing boats, kayaks, baits, and fishing equipment are readily available. Yoga sessions, bike rentals, and restaurants and pubs are some more fun places and activities for you to relax besides adventures.

Lac La Belle

Lac La Belle, or “lake the beautiful,” in French, is an ideal spot for summertime sunshine. No wonder its one of the best lakes of Wisconsin. May to September is best for swimming, boating, picnic, and sand volleyball. Another option is golfing at one of the oldest golf courses in America. Bike rentals, along with kayaks and paddleboats, will be still available if you happen to visit the place in winter.

Green Lake

Located in the east-central part of the state, Green Lake is one of the deepest lakes in Wisconsin, and also one of the best lakes to fish. Green Lake is a great place to plan a day for outdoor with a selection from three beaches- Hattie Sherwood Beach, Dodge County Park Beach, and Sunset County Beach. The outdoor recreation includes, six public parks that surround the 27 miles of shoreline.

Lake Monona

Surrounded on three sides by the city of Madison, Wisconsin, and on the south side by the city of Monona, is a place of recreation and leisure for the city. It offers an excellent habitat for fish. Despite the metropolitan setting, there are several public parks that are very accessible for shore anglers. Not just in summers, the spot provides recreation during winters too. You will see Madisonites ice fishing, ice-skating, and snowkiting across the lake.

Devil’s Lake

The 975-acre lake in southern Wisconsin is popular for watercraft, swimming and sightseeing, since the views of the natural landscape are spectacular from the cliffs. Fishing is another popular activity at the lake since the water is clear.

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