World’s Best Irresistible Vegan Hotels

March 13, 2020
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If you are vegan, staying and eating in a vegan hotel for your next trip is the best decision you will be making. So, if you’re looking for a vegan retreat, I’ve compiled the 5 best irresistible vegan hotels in the world for you. Here you go…

1. The Stanford Inn Mendocino Resort, California

This amazing vegan hotel (resort) on the northern California ocean side is filled with unspoiled nature spots to explore. It uses eco-friendly practices which includes a highly acclaimed vegan restaurant. Thus, committing to sustainability. The hotel would be perfect for a relaxing spa weekend or a family adventure. Discover the San Francisco events near me.

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2. Kami Suites, Safed, Israel

Situated on the hills of Northern Israel, it has the highest number of per capita vegans of any country in the world. Each room in the hotel has a hot tub next to a window for you to enjoy the views from. Besides, you can enjoy a relaxing spa weekend with pampering massages. Or, spend your days exploring the local nature, hiking, archaeological spots, religious spots and more in the area.

3. Casa Albets, Lleida, Spain

This pet friendly hotel, restored 18th-century farmhouse includes rooms with handmade oak furniture and eco-friendly furnishings from local producers. Set in the Spanish mountains, there is plenty of nature activities and beautiful old churches and castles to see in the area.

4. La Maison de Bernadette, Pyrenees, France

Ingredients grown in the permaculture garden are used for breakfasts, dinners and homemade cakes in between. From the garden there are views of the Vallée des Gaves and often snow-capped peaks. This place has an amazing views of the surrounding mountains. It has the perfect place to relax and unwind to make it one of the best vegan hotels in the world.

5. Hilton London Bankside

This luxury Vegan hotel suite where everything has been created from the finest natural materials. It has a perfect set up for the people who follow plant-based lifestyle. The room has been designed to create a luxurious and welcoming experience with bamboo floor and Pinatex headboard. All these give a luxurious and welcoming experience. Also check out things to do in London.

By Jyoti Khatri

Jyoti Khatri writes for Chillwall on fun events, fitness, lifestyle near me and around the world.

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