Where To Find The Best Los Angeles Street Art Graffiti Legends

May 27, 2019
Los Angeles street art

The street art scene in LA has blown up since their street artists are free thinkers, innovators and risk takers of our time.

Gone are the days of urban street art as vandalism, and in Los Angeles you will find a treasure of street art urban masterpieces all over this mega city.

Street art in the Los Angeles owes everything to the talented figures who play starring roles, some legend include El Mac, David Flores among other legends.

Brush up on the street art you need to know on our top list of street art in LA:


LA native and international icon, El Mac is world recognized for painting large-scale portrait street art. He has been inspired by the Chicano movement and Mexican culture and his murals are recognized internationally.

He has collaborated with some major artist in the past including Retna and Augustine Kofie to produce gorgeous and vibrant murals.

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David Flores

Born and raised in California. Flores hardly a deep political commentary, he holds a mirror up to pop culture and has become a contemporary saint maker.

Flores began his artistic life as a designer and working designing skateboards, his vibrant colours has made of this name an influential actor on the street art stage and skateboarding fame, changing its perception from vandal activity to genuine art.

The jump to murals was publicly well received, embracing new challenges since each mural contributes to broaden Flores exposure and audience.

Tristan Robin

Tristan’s street art work appears all over Los Angeles so keep an eye out!

Born and raised in Hollywood near Los Angeles, Tristan pursued street art as a troubled teenager and during his time he painted everything from billboards to dumpsters to urban landscape.

He is a self-proclaimed skateboarding punk who as teenager was arrested various times including tagging with graffiti.

He is like no other artists you have read about, he created his first toy for Fisher price at the young age of 18.

Since then he has become an entire icon in the designer toy world and as a creative leader in the world of advertisement.

Pablo Delgado

Mexican-born London based street artists Pablo recently made his rounds though Los Angeles, putting up his tiny inconspicuous spots throughout the city. It’s like finding Waldo in the mist of the city.

He moved to London to pursue a career in art, never expecting for it to flourish the way it has.

Delgado has been inspired by the simultaneous claustrophobia of London and LA’s streets, and his micro world expands our sense of perception and reality in humorous and highly technical ways.

Even though his images are 2D, he pasted them at certain angles and gives them shadowing than makes them look 3D.

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