4 Best Romantic Places in London

March 30, 2019
romantic places in London

I’ll be honest with you, romantic places in London do exist, but it’s extremely hard to find them. It’s difficult to even imagine London as a quiet and romantic place. People here are mostly in a rush and live a very busy life. That’s why it’s really hard to find secluded spots in London.

Yet, the beauty of our city is that these hidden, romantic spots exist and when we find them, we can treasure them even more.

Here are 4 best romantic places in London:

Primrose Hill


There’s no better way to feel like you’re totally alone with your loved one than  Primrose Hill is simply waiting for couples to come, wrap up together and let the time just pass. And when you’re in need of an early evening drink and some classic pub food, head towards either the New Inn or the Princess of Wales.

This place is really romantic, come with your loved one and you will spend unforgettable time here!

Granary Square

Although the square’s choreographed water features are most suitable for (the rare) hot summer days, they’re also quite the site when lit up at night. Plus, at this time of year, your romancing is less likely to be disturbed by kids splashing around the fountains.

Granary Square, by King’s Cross Station, is also home to the House of Illustration – a gallery celebrating illustration in all forms. Well worth a visit if you both need a dose of culture.

street art

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Hampton Court Maze

Yes, Hampton Court is technically in Surrey, however, its beautiful garden maze is definitely worth trekking out to Zone 6 for. Covering a third of an acre, you’ll easily get lost (in love) as you make your way around the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze. Pretend you’re in some romantic Tudor drama or something if that tickles your fancy.

Hampton Court Maze is probably one of the best romantic places in London.

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The Great Conservatory at Syon Park

Syon Park’s glorious glass and metal dome. It was the first of its kind, is located just beyond Kew Gardens, Middlesex. It’s definitely worth sneaking away to on sunny a crisp weekend. So you can enjoy the sunlight with a roof over your head.

The Great Conservatory and Gardens do not re-open until March this year, however, we thought we’d be naughty and share it with you in advance because, quite frankly, it is rather gorgeous!

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

Mykhailo Andriichuk writes for Chillwall about exciting events, food, art and breathtaking places all over the world.

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