5 Best Things to Do in Calgary in 2019

March 3, 2019
things to do in Calgary

There are so many things to do in Calgary that you will be surprised. You can visit a lot of places from the fashionable bars and restaurants to sophisticated museums and quirky antique shops. I can tell you for sure, you will never get bored here because, even though it’s a relatively small town, the concentration of fun is literally extreme.

You might even never want to leave this amazing city. We warned you.

Here are 5 things to in Calgary in 2019:

Calgary Tower


Probably, the most famous building in Calgary. Many people consider Calgary Tower as a visit card of the city.  It was erected in 1967 in order to commemorate 100 years of Canadian Independence. Having 190 meters this tower can boast amazing views on the Rocky Mountains that surround this city.

Moreover, there is a restaurant on top of the Calgary Tower that revolves so you can enjoy amazing views while tasting delicious food there.

Heritage Park Historical Village

In my opinion, this one of the interesting places to visit in the city. Not a lot of things can make learning so fun and interesting. Heritage Park Historical Village does just that. Here you can see how people lived in 1800 and even try some stuff. For example, you can learn how to churn butter using old methods, hop in the cart and much more.

If you’re hungry there’s also a cafe and a restaurant which is located right in the park. If you travel with children, this place is a must-see spot!

Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub

This amazing spot is situated nearby the Calgary Tower. Moreover, this place is one of the oldest pubs in the city! Starting from 1985 Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub is serving more than 300 kinds of beer! Needless to say, this is the largest beer selection in the whole city.

At the patio, you can enjoy amazing views as well as a beautiful sunset. The beer menu can boast of imported assortment from Germany and Belgium. Also, you can find here local brewery products.

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Fort Calgary

This place is should be definitely in your list of things to do in Calgary! The wooden fort was built in 1875 and now it’s a museum and restaurant under one roof. People refer to this spot as a birthplace of Calgary.

In the museum, you can learn a lot about Canadian history and check interactive installation and so many other stuff.

In addition, close to the fort you can also visit the Hunt House – one of the oldest building in the city.


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Glenbow Museum

This museum is one of the best museums in the city. You can find here art collection from Western Canada that represents Calgarian culture. Glenbow Museum collected a lot of masterpieces – from aboriginal statues to beautiful paintings of nature.

This museum is truly a window to Canadian art history. Moreover, don’t forget to check portraits of famous Canadians!

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By Mykhailo Andriichuk

Mykhailo Andriichuk writes for Chillwall about exciting events, food, art and breathtaking places all over the world.


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