World’s Most Exciting Beaches In The Caribbean You Probably Don’t Know About But You Should

October 9, 2018

Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Escape to paradise with the world’s most exciting beaches in the Caribbean!

As we rapidly approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Irma and Maria which devastated many Caribbean islands, one of the most important things to know is that many islands are ready to welcome tourism back!

Warm weather, white sand with crystalline beaches are usually enough to lure any one away from home but if you need a little bit more convincing here are 4 more reasons that will make you start packing your bags:

Start Your Adventure at Kamalame Cay

Warm weather, white beaches with crystalline beaches

Discover untouched natural beauty. This private island is only 15 minutes flight away from Nassau airport; it is an isolated sanctuary surrounded by crystal clear water. Perfect for snorkeling and many water activities thanks to its shallow reefs. Not only this island offer the best fresh food in the Caribbean, it is also well known for its private villas with luxury amenities. Find fun luxury related activities to do at Events in Montreal here!

Unique Paradise Curaçao

Relax at the Caribbean islands paradise

A unique Dutch Caribbean island paradise is known for its beaches tucked into coves and its expansive coral reefs rich marine life. The country’s architecture is filled with vibrant colours, brightly hued streets and buildings. Check out Punda’s Handelskade the country’s historical waterfront, Punda has a flourishing art scene where you will find different murals by local artist when discovering its streets; making this island one of the world’s most exciting beaches to visit this winter.

Escape Winter by Visiting Dominica

Eco-tourism at Dominica

Also known as “Nature Island” since is well known for its rainforests, mountains and over 350 rivers! Dominica is commonly confused with the Dominican Republic, but this island is much less populated by big name resorts. This island is made for eco-tourist (instead of chain resorts) who love the outdoors and nature based adventures! Check out more winter activities to do and Events in Toronto here!

Get Your Diving Experience At Saba

Saba, a hidden treasure island

Saba is a hidden treasure island and yet to be discovered by most tourists. Best known among avid divers. This islands has like no other a highly preserve marine environment and coral reefs surrounding the island. The island is home to a lot of tropical style guesthouses and unobtrusive hotels that don’t diminish its natural beauty

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