Music Festival Essentials 2018

April 25, 2018
Music Festival Essentials 2018

Essentials for every music festival you’re going to this summer will be your key to having the best time. These essentials will be so important and you will be thanking us later. Of course, there are the bare necessities but if you want to pack like a pro – keep reading to find out the 10 music festival essentials that will make you the queen of festival season.


Our #FeelTheChill feature today is Meredith, who loved watching her fave band at Osheaga.

“@mereobrien1: I’ll never forget seeing for the first time at Osheaga. They’ve been my favourite artist for years! And I love the acoustic band vibe.”

If you pack these 10 essentials, you will be able to enjoy watching your fave band for the first time without worrying about anything else but the music!

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A Pair of Chic Sunnies

This essential is key to having a great time at a music festival. There’s nothing worse than getting to the music festival grounds, about to see one of your fave bands and not having sunnies on. Have one pair that will work well with every outfit and that will actually protect your eyes. You will look super chic while enjoying your fave music and knowing your eyes are being 100 percent protected from the hot sun.

A Proper Water Bottle

This will be a lifesaver and is defs an essential you will not want to forget. Of course, there will be plenty of water being sold at whatever festival you’re going to but – they will most likely be plastic water bottles which are not environmentally friendly, and won’t keep your water cold. The alternative to this is to pack a trusty water bottle that will keep you hydrated on a hot summer day. You can get one pretty much anywhere – and you can find one with either a strap to strap onto your backpack or a small enough one to fit inside your bag.

A Portable Charger

If you want to keep filming an artist without worrying about your battery dying before they get to your fave song, then this will be the best essential for you to bring. There are so many options out there, and you can find the lightest, the most compact portable charger that will be perfect for you to just throw into your bag. Your friends are going to be jealous when your battery is at 100% all day long.

A Waterproof Backpack/Fanny Pack

We need to be prepared for every weather circumstance. Of course, we all hope that it will be a sunny weekend but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it rains and the show must go on! You will want to bring a backpack or fanny pack that is waterproof and luckily there are a lot of fashionable options out there for you to protect your things in a cute way. This is going to be a major essential because you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting ruined and you can still enjoy the music! Nothing can stop you – not even the rain. Check out more festivals and Events in Los Angeles here!

An Emergency Beauty Kit

Okay – you may be thinking, what is an emergency beauty kit? But trust me – it is going to be essential for you at every music festival you go to from now on. Sephora carries them or you can make one yourself. It pretty much will come with everything you need all in one kit. From hair elastics (major essential for girls with long locks) to bandages, hair spray, compact mirror, and stain remover. You will be the go-to girl for every one of your friends.

A Fashionable Cap

Another great way to block the sun and keep your head from keeping cool is a cap. You can find these everywhere and there are so many different colours and styles. Find one that you like and you know you can wear with every outfit and you’ll be good to go. Nothing is worse than being out in the sun all day and the top of your head feeling extremely hot (especially our dark hair ladies out there).

Cleansing Wipes

Pack some cleansing wipes because I assure you – this is key. After a long day of dancing, sweating, and dust/dirt flying on you the whole day – this is going to be the best essential ever. If you don’t have time to freshen up between sets and you’ve been on the festival grounds all day, you will thank us for packing these wipes. Clean your face and feel fresh for an evening of dancing the night away! Discover more music Events in Las Vegas this weekend!

Music Festival Essentials 2018

Packing Music Festival Essentials 2018

Packable Towels

You never know when you’re going to get soaked from rain, or a cool-down hose. In that case – you will be prepared with a packable towel. This is a great essential if you want to dry off quickly and continue the festival fun!

An Easy Apply SPF

Honestly, this may be one of the most important essential that you will pack. Protecting your skin is so key, especially when you’re going to be outside all day long. Bring an easy apply SPF stick because you’re going to be using it all day and you don’t want to be fussing with lotion or those big SPF bottles.

Comfortable Closed Shoes

This may seem like an obvious one but it is essential! For those of you who have already been to a music festival – you will know that your main transportation is WALKING. You might be thinking – but I want to bring those cute sandals I just bought. Well – put them away and swap them out for a cool pair of runners or super comfy booties that you know can last you all day long. The worst thing is not being able to last all day in shoes, getting blisters, and not being able to dance. Trust me – you won’t regret this decision.

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By: Daniela De Marco

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