Explore Airport’s Hidden Gems

August 15, 2017

There is no better pastime in the world than traveling and discovering new places. Yet for many travelers the adventure begins at the destination and not during the journey. In this post, we discover the hidden gems at Airports that will make the time spent in airports that bit more interesting and stress free.

Airport Cinemas
Waiting in an airport terminal can be tedious. One new trend that is becoming increasingly popular in airports are terminal cinemas. Contemporist listed six airports across the globe that have installed cinemas in the terminal. These cinemas are the real deal too. The Hong Kong International Airport has an IMAX cinema while the cinema at Changi, Singapore is free for all passengers and shows the latest releases.

 Art Galleries
As anyone who is a regular visitor to this blog will know we at Chillwall love to promote Art Exhibitions. The good news for lovers of art and traveling is that art galleries and exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular at airports. In Amsterdam the famous Rijksmuseum has an onsite extension at the airport that features the works of 10 Dutch masters including Vincent van Gogh. In the U.S., one of the biggest airport galleries is at Jacksonville Florida, The airport has permanent installations and rotating exhibitions.
Personal Shopping

Airports are the ideal place to find some good deals on your favorite products. However, some airports are taking this a step further and introducing a personal shopper service. At London Heathrow, the experience is open to all passengers and includes advice on everything from finding the right outfit for your upcoming trip to helping you enjoy the best food the airport has to offer. While you choose your items in a private lounge you can relax and enjoy some luxury by sipping on champagne.

 Rooftop Gardens
An airport is the last place you would think to get a breath of fresh air. Yet this is exactly what JFK has after you pass security (and who doesn’t need some air after security). The airport’s terminal 5 has a 4,046-square-foot rooftop garden. The area has landscaped green spaces, a children’s play area, and even a place to walk dogs for those traveling with their pets.

Swimming Pools
Taking a dip before your flight has to be the best way to kill time in an airport. Changi Airport, Singapore has many hidden gems but the coolest has to be the rooftop pool and hot tub. The pool area also has a bar. Entrance to the pool is 17 Singapore dollars.

 Valet Parking
Airport parking is not a hidden gem that many would consider. Indeed we believe that the one aspect of traveling that most people don’t even consider is where they will park their car. Most airports will have parking services that are designed to make your life a lot easier. For example, readers from the UK departing from Gatwick Airport may be unaware that the airport offers a valet service.

Parking4Less list the many perks of valet parking  and touch on how it takes less time to transfer from your car to the terminal as opposed to using other parking services. This is ideal for travelers in a rush or who simply want to avoid the stress of finding a parking space. Be sure to check if the airport you are departing from has this service when you book your flight ticket.

We hope these tips have been useful and will make your next trip that bit more interesting. A little bit of research can make all the difference.

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