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July 26, 2017

We have gathered millions of events from your favorite sources across the globe in one place called Chillwall. No matter where you are, you are two clicks away from your chill spot. Whether you are traveling far or being a tourist in your own city, we help you to find what you did not know that exists. We at Chillwall understand the importance of leisure in our busy daily lives. With Chillwall you find your next adventure in 2 clicks. Chillwall has enabled you to search less and save time, spend more time with your loved ones at your new favorite restaurant. Chillwall helps you to find the forgotten pleasure in new places. Get out of your routine, the usual ordinary; venture out for the sake of your soul.  With our new technology, we can help you to connect with the world you did not know enough about.

Chillwall is a new global event discovery platform that helps users Search Less and Live More. By aggregating events happening all around the world, not only does Chillwall show what’s happening in the city you live in, it goes one step further and suggests what might be of interest to an individual user by pushing a uniquely personalized event discovery feed. Chillwall’s core technology provides an enhanced personalized experience that learns and grows intuitively based on the behaviour of the individual user.

New Mobile Site Helps Millennials Plan the Perfect Date Night

In an increasingly smartphone driven world, you are able to plan your perfect night out, or romantic night in span of a second with 2 clicks.  We find you a perfect date night in towns you have never been, and places you have never seen. Planning a perfect date night is not hard, it only requires time and effort to find options, GOOD NEWS, we have spent so much time to find you the options. To some people a perfect date is a picnic in the park, whereas to others might cause by driven adrenaline and a good action flick. With chillwall you can always plan ahead, or find spontaneous actions in a second. One pin is all that it takes to add all the event to your calendar and set periodic reminders guiding you seamlessly from Discovery to Attendance.

Finds Fun Anywhere: Powered by our automated, daily, global event data-gathering algorithm, Chillwall reaches 2,000+ cities. We are wherever you are in the world, and wherever you plan to be.

Whether you are visiting a new place or showcasing your town to tourists, we can we can find you tons of fun adventures. From catching waterfalls in hidden mountains to late night street food market. You do not need to know the name of the places just tell us what you “feel like doing”. Forget your cliché adventures, we can find you hidden gem in close distance, that would help you to up your Instagram.

Simplifies Daily Experiences: Chillwall enables users to re-connect to the real world. Discover an event or activity, Map it, Calendar it, Share it, and Get Reminded – all in one step.

It is very simple, just sign up, type what you are looking for, and then pin it to your event calendar.
Try Chillwall now it’s free to sign up 

Written By: Shab.Gh

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