4 Incredible Date Spots in San Francisco

June 11, 2017

Plan your next visit with your date! Experience and appreciate these amazing places for a date in San Francisco!

The View

Just like the name itself, The View provides the best view of the city. It’s super romantic and thrilling at the same time. The only sad thing is that there are no prior reservations or bookings possible at The View (It’s a first come, first serve basis). So, do not hesitate to grab your date’s hand and reach The View on the 48th floor. Order a drink or two and relish at the city view from the lounge. Also, the place is highly admired for its cocktail beverages. The best of San Francisco is right here.

Outdoor Movie

If you are a lazy one who does not like to walk around much, you need to not be disappointed. San Francisco always has something or the other for everyone. Take some hours off of your sleep and take your date for a movie at night. All you need to take along is a couple of bed-sheets and something to drink and you can watch your favourite movie for free, which mostly happens on some special occasion all over the city. Mostly historic movies are shown which are more or less considered as a tribute to the old artists.

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This is one of those unique cafés where you get to experience the natural light, fragrance of real flowers and above everything you are served freshly cooked food. Go for brunch or for lunch, served before 2pm. The chef of the café will never disappoint you. Eat, drink and talk with your date. This place is perfect for couples as it is super cozy and comfortable. Adding to your excitement, the place also has private dinning facilities for couples. We are sure that you don’t want to miss this one!!

Stow Lake

Explore the water with your lover. Taking boat rides, sailing together amidst the silence of nature and all that you hear is the sweet sound of summer birds sitting on the wooden branches filled with pink flowers. There are several things that you can do with your date starting from capturing memories and taking pictures or couple selfies. You can adore the walk over the bridge or sale under it. If you are an animal lover, you can even enjoy the wildlife on the lake that adds to the scenic beauty of the lake that you must explore with your significant other.

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Written by Sarita Dhaka

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