Fun Places To Enjoy With Friends in San Francisco

March 31, 2017
San Francisco

Meeting up with some lovely friends in San Francisco? You wouldn’t want to disappoint them right? I’ve got you covered! Read on for a list of amazing places to meet up at with your besties.

1. The Exploratorium

If you’re feeling like learning or having a bit of adventure per se, then visit The Exploratorium for some great science and tech things to learn! You can come out of there feeling like a scientist. Educate yourself today with your best buds!

2. Alcatraz

Is sight seeing and the blowing wind your kind of thing? Check out the Alcatraz for a great time with your best friends! Let the gentle wind blow through your hair and the sights capture your eyes. Immerse yourself into the surroundings and be amazed that you’re on an island. Really now, don’t wait!

3. Baker Beach

Baker Beach is probably the best, or rather, one of the best beaches in San Francisco. The waves are definitely beautiful to look at, but not necessarily good to get into as the water is quite cold! Enjoy a nice picnic with your buddies or take your BFF to have some fun on the nice sandy beach!

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Written by Shirley Li from chillwall

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