Once-in-a-Lifetime Romantic Restaurants in Chicago

October 28, 2016

Chicago is one of the cleanest, classiest cities in the world. The food in Chicago helps cement the city’s status as one of the nicest in the world, and here are the best restaurants that you must try if you are visiting.

RPM Italian

Part of the RPM line of restaurants, this Italian restaurant is the finest Italian food that can be found in Chicago. Choose from cold or hot antipasti and try a selection of their pasta that is made in house (a rare thing to find in America). For dessert, try their infamous “Bill’s Chocolate Budino”. Does your date love Italian? Then definitely check this place out.

Big Jones

The chef at this restaurant serves southern-inspired food with a focus on sustainability (using heirloom crops and livestock, sustainable seafood, and fresh ingredients). Enjoy this freshness in a quaint dining area that reflects this southern charm. Try things like a leek omelet or an alligator and andouille sauce piquant.

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Au Cheval

Quaint American simplicity lives at this popular lunch and brunch spot which describes itself as an “upscale diner”. The food, then, is simple but with a twist. Try a selection from their interesting brunch menu such as crispy potato hash with duck heart gravy or foie gras and scrambled eggs. Enjoy your meal in their dining room which is gorgeous whiles still having that cozy feel that diners do.

Miny’s Hot Chocolate

At this little restaurant, you can grab amazing food, but the dessert is where it’s at. Grab some peanut butter pretzel toffee ice cream or a dark chocolate pave. After your meal, visit their shop and pick up some exotic hot chocolate such as Mexican style ones, or grab some marshmallows that are made in house.

Piccolo Songo

If you are looking for a “Lady and the Tramp” style Italian dinner with your date, this place is perfect. A dimly lit interior is decorated with candles and the famous Italian white tablecloth, with a massive wood-burning oven in the corner for making their many pizza flavors. The menu consists of fresh, rustic Italian food for your enjoyment and they have a huge wine list with names that you can actually pronounce (just in case you were worried about screwing up in front of your date).

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Chef Paul Kahan serves what is described as elegant and imaginative midwestern cuisine at this critically acclaimed Chicago restaurant. While still maintaining a sense of simplicity, the food here has interesting and complex flavor combinations that are said to excite any guest. Try exciting creations like english pea and buttermilk gnocchi, or perhaps a plate or artisanal cheeses.

Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Run by two steakhouse veterans, this steakhouse is located on an amazing spot on the Chicago River. The goal of the chefs is to redefine the American Steakhouse, and they certainly do this when they serve prime steaks aged in their dry aging room. Located on a patio, you can enjoy a view as well as what is certainly the best steak to be found in Chicago.

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Girl and the Goat

This rustic yet modern restaurant will make you feel right at home. The food here is served family style with bold flavors that will satisfy anyone. The wine here focuses on small producers and this restaurant is said to serve some of the best wine in Chicago. Executive chef Stephanie Izard definitely serves up some amazing creations for her guests. You will feel at home, no matter where you are from!


Perhaps the food isn’t the best part of this restaurant (which is still amazing), but the stunning panoramic view of Chicago that one can get of the lakefront at this restaurant which is located on top of one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. The food is fantastic, consisting of some of the freshest steak and seafood in the city. Enjoy the fine food and the even finer view!

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Written by Kent Austin

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